The Shikshapatri presented by Bhagwan Swaminarayan to Governor Sir John Malcolm, On the fly-leaf the following unsigned inscription is written in English. Shikshapatri Bhashya. Sanskrit – English. [Incorporates ‘Arthadeepika’ treatise by Shatanand Muni]. By. S. G. Shatanand Muni. By orders from. H. H. Acharya. Shikshapatri BAPS – This is a universal application, for the first time ever, This application contains an explanation of The Shikshapatri in Swamiji’s own The app is currently available in English and it was last updated on

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When their husband have gone out to another town or country they shall not wear fine clothes and ornaments, nor shall make merry and cut jocks with others nor shall pay visit to houses of other persons. Complete Bhagavad Gita with Hindi translations and descriptions.

All My followers belonging to the four varnas classes i. They, therefore, shall initiate into discipleship all male and aspirants for final beatitude.

They shall disregard commands of even their Guru, if such commands are likely to lead to a breach of their vow of celibacy and shall always be patient, contented and humble-minded free from ego.

The book of precepts strictly prohibits the destruction of animal life; promiscuous intercourse with the other sex; use of animal food and intoxicant liquors and drugs on any occasion, suicide, theft and robbery; false accusation against a fellow man; blasphemy; company of atheists and heretics, and other practices which might counteract the effect of the founder’s teaching.

Listening to and 2. The rulers who are my followers shall treat their subjects as their own children according to Dharmashastras and shall establish a rule of dharma on earth.

This page was last edited on 23 Augustat They shall never draw a facsimile of females nor shall shiskhapatri clothes worn by them and shall never knowingly look at any living being in coitus. I have thus described above in short, general and special Dharmas of all My followers.


Know you all, qualified monotheism, Vishishtadwait is the doctrine of philosophy, favor, Golok is the Abode Divine, dear to Me, and in that Abode with Body Divine, to be in Service of Lord Shri Krishna, is the final beatitude according to Me. One ejglish never pass urine or answer call of nature or even spit in places prohibited for such use by people and by Shastras e. Lord Shree Swaminarayan, gifted mankind versed Shikshapatri for the welfare of His disciples and whoever joins the sect.

All chaste women shall never expose shikshaapatri navel, breast and thigh to any other male and shall not keep their bodies uncovered by a garment. Shree Swaminarayan Temple Bhuj. These eight rules are considered best shikshaapatri Me.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. All my followers during their lifetime shall serve their parents, Guru and ailing person, according to their ability.


Shall be treated as taking precedence over all other portions. All my followers shall invariably act daily as laid down above, shall study the Shastras either in Sanskrit or regional language according to their abilities.

They shall courteously and according to their means give food-grains and alms to a person who has come to seek food to the temple of Lord Shri Krishna. The material used to write on is paper and the manuscript is protected by a cloth binding that is folded over and tied shut. Then they shall offer food to him and then shall partake of it as His prasad, they shall thus always remain in service of Lord Krishna with love.

They shall establish an institution with a learned Brahmin as teacher, and through it shall propagate Sadvidya right knowledge on the earth for the promotion of such learning in this world is indeed a highly meritorious act. Bhagwan Swaminarayan’s Shikshapatri Written By: All my Paramhansa and Sadhus here also live and behave similarly. None shall go with empty hands for darsan of Guru or of a deity or of a king or shall ever commit breach of trust or shall praise oneself.


Governor Malcolm, one of 17 children of a poor family, was commissioned by the directors of the East India Company at the age of It contains pages, with six lines of writing per page. Except in emergencies like sickness they shall not sleep on a cot and shall always be frank and be straigt forward with other Sadhus.

Shikshapatri – Wikipedia

Maya is one which constitutes the three qualities – Satva, Raja and Tama, is ignorance incarnate, is power of Lord Shri Krishna and is the cause prima for ego and personal attachment for body physic and everything else related to it, on the part of Jiva.

All naishtic Brahmacharis, Mukundanand and others and all house-holders. My male followers who are householders shall not touch widows who are not their nearest relatives. They shall take food once a day only, shall sleep on the floor and shall never knowingly look at any living beings in coitus. All those who follow the rules of good conduct as prescribed by the Shastras Such as Srimad Bhagavat etc.

None shall ever enter into arguments with Acharya.

None shall speak even truth which is likely to cause fatal misery to oneself or to others and shall avoid company of ungrateful persons or shall ever except illegal gratification from anybody. They shall pay in full whatever remuneration either in cash or in food-grains or both as promised to person employed for the work, but shall never give less.