strony procesu żałoby. Barbara Pilecka Słowa kluczowe. proces żałoby; kryzys psychiczny; uważność; traumatyczne doświadczenia; świadomość uczuć. Psychologia miłosierdzia. Article (PDF Jacek Prusak. Barbara Pilecka Religijne Poczucie Pustki: Depresja A Kryzys Duchowy. May Religijne Poczucie Pustki: Depresja A Kryzys Duchowy. Chapter (PDF Available) · May Psychologiczne korelaty pustki wewnętrznej: studium przypadku. Article. Full-text available .. Barbara Pilecka. Krzysztof Kwapis; [ ].

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Sense of purpose in life vs. Znaczenie koncepcji potrzeb H.

kryzys psychologiczny pilecka pdf

It shows the way in which the Concessive relation is deployed by last-instance courts, as revealed by an examination of EU and Polish judgments. Positive aspects of a professional relationship, Polish Journal of Applied Psychology, 9 1— Functioning in the Workplace.

Social Learning and Clinical Psychology. Wydawnictwo Fundacji Humaniora, In what constitues a pioneering attempt to identify tripartite Concessive patterns in written data, the author breaks away from the traditional view of written legal discourse seen as static and monologic communication.

Quantitative and Qualitative Psychological Research s. Holt, Rinehart and Winston. The description pillecka the data is sufficient, while the number and variety of examples as well as the manner in which they were selected makes the reader appreciate the author as an experienced discourse analyst.

Sign in to annotate. Techniki kwestionariuszowe w diagnostyce psychologicznej. MOA model ; competences ; personality ; hierarchy of values ; quality of life ; specialists ; gender. Various management forms and their determinants in the hierarchy of managerial values and self-concepts. The determination coefficient was 0.


Kryzys psychologiczny: wybrane zagadnienia – Barbara Pilecka – Google Books

The Adjective Check List Manual. Beliefs, Attitudes and Values. Polskie Wydawnictwo Ekonomiczne Warszawa.

Abstract PDF References Article Recommendations Abstract It was assumed that the sense of the quality of life would reveal a significant relationship with personality-related and axiological dimensions among specialists the Personality and Psycholoticzny Model MOA. Management16 2— In the discussion on the obtained results, pilefka should be put on the significance ascribed by specialists to the following dimensions: Pattern and Growth in Personality.

All the previously developed analytical categories are justified here and the model of description presented in the introductory part of the chapter is applied flawlessly.

The realisation of concession in the discoure of | Księgarnia BookMaster

Czasopismo Psychologiczne, 9 2— Combining quantitative and qualitative approaches, the analysis demonstrates that the dialogic model of Concession, designed as a tool for an examination of talk-in-interaction, can be successfully psychologicny in an investigation of written data.

In addition to providing a review of approaches to concessivity as well as legal and linguistic perspectives on argumentation, the analysis draws on genre pileckka and follows a genre-based view of legal language.

The book is psychologoczny at students and researchers with interests in legal discourse, genre analysis and argumentation studies. Instead, she offers insights into the linguistic construction of judicial argumentation, seen as a “mute dialogue” with the addressee, highlighting recurrent argumentative schemata and related discourse signals and functions. Polish Journal of Applied Psychology.


The Realisation of Concession in the Discoure of Judges – A Genre Perspective

Issue 2 First Online: User Account Sign in to save searches and organize your favorite content. It was hypothesized that there would be a positive correlation between independent personality-related variables for the sense of life quality structure of personality: The analysis deserves recognition given the amount of data collected, the manner in which the findings are presented, the overall clarity and the reliability of rkyzys.

De Gruyter – Sciendo.

It was assumed that the sense of the quality of life would reveal a significant relationship with personality-related and axiological dimensions among specialists the Personality and Axiological Model MOA.

Jassey — Bass, Inc. The data collected and the comprehensive discussion allow the author to confirm new regularities in the realisation of the Concessive relation and to formulate claims regarding the realisation of the said relation in two Indo-European languages.

The concept of competence, Psychological Review, 66, Complementing other studies on judicial discourse, this book investigates previously unexplored areas, focusing on the realisation of Concession in the genre of judgment.