Three months of bitter air-ground-sea action in the Solomon Islands had resulted Two battleships, under Rear Adm. Hiroaki Abe, headed for Guadalcanal with. The Japanese sent another battleship, the Kirishima, accompanied by that Halsey had to fight in a surface action were two warships at sea. cruiser/destroyer action on the night of. November, the First Naval Battle of Guadalcanal and the battleship action on the night of November, the.

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Cushing sank several hours later.

If not for the South Dakota fubars the battle could have been a far greater disaster for the IJN naval units. Allied aircraft also sank most of the Japanese troop transports and prevented the majority of the Japanese troops and equipment from reaching Guadalcanal.

Certainly we have no edge on the Japs in experience, skill, training or performance of personnel. Actuon, sure that the enemy comprised four destroyers and two cruisers, ordered his light forces to attack first so that his battleship could shell Guadalcanal. His only advantage was Washington herself—fast, powerful, undamaged, well-protected and well-crewed.

Naval Battle of Guadalcanal – Wikipedia

Lee bellowed his Annapolis nickname: During Phase 1 radar train was used. His destroyers were so cluttered with troops that he could not fight a battle. Kirishimahowever, was still afloat. From to fired 42 rounds 16″, opening at 18, yards, at large cruiser or battleship which it is believed was sunk. They seemed to float slowly toward us, picking up speed as they came, becoming bright red as they drew closer.

The first Japanese attempt to recapture Henderson Field failed when a man force was defeated on 21 August in the Battle of the Tenaru. Kondo launched torpedoes at South Dakotabut none hit. No portion of this site, including this home page and any of the separate pages, may be copied, retransmitted, reposted, duplicated or otherwise used without the express written permission of Howard F.


Early on the 14th, they were attacked by planes from Enterprise.

For a surface engagement under reduced visibility, and especially in restricted waters, a navigational plot should be maintained in radar plot for fully effective use of the radar. South Dakota was not doing so well. The system instantly went into series, and the big ship lost electrical power. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Third Battle Of Savo Island

Four rafts got away safely, but as Walke sank, her depth charges exploded, killing 80—including Fraser. Learning of the Japanese reinforcement effort, U.

Washington had not been able to track South Dakota ‘ s movements because she was in a blind spot in Washington ‘ s radar aaction Lee could not raise her on the radio to confirm her position. Several ships on both sides spontaneously began firing, and the formations of the two adversaries quickly disintegrated.

Gwin evacuated Benham and tried battlesip sink her—an attempt that only served to demonstrate the weakness of the American Mark XV torpedo. Next, Brisbane was sunk, followed by ShinanogawaArizona and Nako.

Instead they slammed into U. Mikawa rejected his request, but Kondo accepted it, so Tanaka ordered the transport captains to run their ships aground. While all the claims made at the time were highly inflated, Americans and Japanese did perish in the Second Naval Battle of Guadalcanal.

The ship looped to escape gunfire, guadalfanal staggered back in to action at 10 knots.

Naval Battle of Guadalcanal

The task force stayed at general quarters all day, closing in on Guadalcanal. Lee to defend Guadalcanal and Henderson Field. Callaghan prepared his force to meet the Japanese that night in the sound. As gunnery officer, he participated in the development of the concept of a combat information center to integrate the data available from new technologies being introduced into the fleet.


To the men on the destroyers, they felt Halsey was sending in four expendable destroyers to draw the Japanese fire and blunt their attack to allow the battlewagons to come to bear. This is the reason why air cover was not readily available via land bases and CVs risked being attacked if they got too close. The American weaknesses were many, however: Washington and South Dakota technically were outstanding ships: The transports were attacked, beginning at Preston was heavily hit in the two firerooms, killing everyone there.

Kirk Parker and Brooksie Conery, I hope you all received my comments. An officer on Monssen likened it afterwards to “a barroom brawl after the lights had been shot out”.

South Dakota battlewhip to follow but had to turn to starboard to avoid Benhamwhich resulted in the ship being silhouetted by the fires of the burning destroyers and made her a closer and easier target for the Japanese. The South Dakota was fully repaired at Pearl Harbor, and Captain Gatch returned to his ship, wearing a sling and bandages. Seely watched the tin cans clash.

His own injuries and the deaths of some of his staff from battle action may have affected Abe’s judgement. Level for the basis of gun elevation order was batlteship from the Stable Element with dip-range being set on the synchronized elevation knob in accordance with advance range. Lee covered everything—gunnery, damage control, navigation, xction feeding the men at general quarters.

First phase 13 Nov: Guadalcanal was on the edge of their perimeter with support forces being based too far away to be truly effective.