BCT. Uniden’s analog-only portable Trunktracker scanner with Dynamic Programming Your Uniden Scanner · · BCT Owner’s Manual. ARC Software User Manual 3. 1: INTRODUCTION: ARC is a Windows software package for easy programming and controlling the Uniden BCT. Uniden BTT Scanner Manual. BCT Channel Scanner with Close Call and TrunkTracker III. The Uniden BC T Handheld Scanner features .

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You can tell which block a Motorola ID is in by its number. During service search, the scanner searches starting with the lowest frequency in the search range you select to the highest frequency in the range. If you turn off all groups in a system you will not be able to turn any back on and also see ‘ Nothing to Scan ‘. This is especially useful when your area is expecting severe weather conditions late at night. Select the channel Set Step This setting selects the frequency step used for setting the channel’s.

Not finding what you are looking for? You can also program one or more ‘Groups’ to any group quick key or, program one or bc246y groups with no quick key. The default setting is AFS.

To properly trunk a Type I system, you have to program the fleet map for the system. Either find software that supports usb or you can buy add on cards to your pc that will give you a serial port. Start a custom search and disable mannual ranges you don’t want searched first.


Uniden BTT Scanner Owner’s Manual Download

To turn bv246t single group not a group key on or off, or a group not assigned to a quick keyyou have to unlock it or lock it out. An AC adapter, computer cable, and batteries come with the scanner. Select the channel Paste Channel Then, if necessary, edit the channel you copied to give it a unique name and other settings.

Menu Item Lets You This setting puts the scanner in Close Call Only mode and will search the selected bands. About This Manual The screen displays used in this manual are representations of what might appear when you use your scanner. If this option is turned on, the scanner overrides the current channel and goes to the Close Call hit. I have tried the best I can to make sure everything is accurate here but if I missed a step or you see something that’s obviously wrong, please bc246y me.

They are just the number keys on the scanner but once programmed to system s or group s they become the ‘Quick Key’ for the system s or group s. I pick-up police transmissions from a manuaal miles away! Janual the frequency has not been stored, it stores the frequency into a created group named ‘ Found Channels ‘ in a created system called ‘ Close Call ‘ then resumes searching. To Copy a Systempress Menu. The third line custom search displays the search ranges turned on for searching and the currently active search range blinks.

I have put together complete worksheets ready to print to help you plan your systems, Close Call, and search, etc.


Oruse Menu to drill down to the channel options and lock it out there. LTR systems are limited to 20 frequencies per system. Yes – the scanner immediately returns to the control channel when it detects the end code. Also, there is little useful in the way of “basics” about setup. The default setting is unlocked. Press quickly to cancel a prompt. Your scanner can receive all SAME alert signals broadcast within about a mile radius of where you installed it.

Uniden bt246t scanner Owner’s manual download

What Is Searching What is Searching? It’s fun hearing all of the systems around here that are now trunking systems.

NFM bd246t the scanner uses narrowband FM for the frequency. To toggle search bands on or off custom searchpress the number key of the search band.

20 Most Recent Uniden BCT Handheld Scanner Questions & Answers – Fixya

If your scanner stops hc246t Scan mode and no sound is heard, it might be receiving a birdie. Scans the stored channels. You must have a list of frequencies in hard copy format to be able to do this, I’ve never used software to program my scanners, including my Uniden UBCDT digital scanner, after all, half the fun is programming your favorites manually, so you learn how the scanner works.