I take this as a con because I usually use my memorisation skills in the super theoretical grunfeld to beat people who forget the theory. But I really like the idea to. I bought this book over Christmas on a whim, and while I don’t regret buying it, it’s become one of those books that I have for the interesting. Beating the King’s Indian and Grunfeld gets to grips with the King’s Indian and Grunfeld, providing White with a number of easy-to-learn and.

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Discussion forum for ChessPublishing. This leads to completely different strategies for both sides.

Grunfeld or King’s Indian??

There’s an enormous amount of theory in the KID. The Great Oz has spoken! He also has two separate chapters called “Avoiding the Martz Tabiya” and “Avoiding the Liz Variation”, but anc is some overlap here in what someone would have to study.

Taylor does a fair amount of just “talking” about chess, focuses on general ideas, and gives some general attacking advice at times. Theory isn’t the main point of the book, though Taylor does offer novelties in a lot of positions.

Apr 19, 2. Anybody has any ideas on the lines recommended in this new book by Everyman Tylor is the author? A study of this book will allow the reader to battle against the King s Indian and the Grunfeld with renewed confidence.


Beating the King’s Indian and Grunfeld – Timothy Taylor – Google Books

tue Difference between IM and GM’s? As far as playing one or the other, I think you should use the one you are more comfortable with.

For example, there are famous games and famous players who play every opening, and you should choose your repertoire, find out who the best players are that play those openings, and then commit to playing like those players. Apr 19, 8. I think the whole 7. Do you remember why the KID was more similar?

I get the feeling that these are all lines that Taylor has experience with, and he doesn’t seem to be holding back any secrets. Bxc4when I like the feel of White’s position better. On the other hand, the Grunfeld is an open game, direct assuat on white’s center with c5, clash type of opening. Beating the King’s Indian and Grunfeld.

As a side note, I’m actually having quite good results with 1. Najdorf and Averbhak both had great games in the KID during that tournament. Apr 19, 7. I find it quite annoying when blurbs for opening books don’t give any indication of what lines the book covers.


My personal feeling is that the the “Liz” line is more sound and offers White a better chance for an edge at least theoretically–someone booked up on the Martz line might get more easy wins. All in all I think I’ll get this book as I quite like Taylor’s writing style in general, also it never hurts to get a heads up on what my opponents might be to reading. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. Nxd4 and the Liz Variation 1.

Give it a look. Speculation Of The End superchessmachine 7 min ago. Stock Clearance – Massive Savings! So which opening is good? Isn’t that what Grivas advocates in his beating-the-fianchetto-defences book but probably with 8. Brimming with complexity and dynamism, these two openings often leave those playing White scratching their heads wondering how to squeeze even the slightest of advantages out of the opening and, just as crucially, how to avoid becoming swamped in a morass of complicated theory.

Against the King’s Indian he goes for the Martz Variation 1.