Fifteen-year-old Isabelle loves her impoverished North Carolina beach community, but when her grandmother must enter a nursing home, Izzie is placed with. In the first book of a formulaic new series, a lower-class girl is introduced to Southern high society in all its catty glory. There’s plenty of drama but few surprises in this contemporary rags-to-riches story from Calonita (Reality Check), first in a four-book series.

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Preview — Winter White by Jen Calonita.

Belles (Belles, #1) by Jen Calonita

The family is crazy wealthy Izzie made ends meet but that’s about it and on her first weekend there, she gets thousands of dollars worth of new clothes, plus a laptop and iPhone. Maybe because I didn’t actually go to high school with anyone as awful as is always portrayed in these books, I found Savannah to be over the top, but at the same time, I didn’t necessarily love Izzie as a main character.

This cover works but its hard to really see anything but I do love how we can see half of her face and her pink bow. Izzie didn’t take crap from anybody, and Mira surprised me by being more artistic and confident than I expected. Not every contemporary book has to be a Sarah Dessen novel. I was actually surprised that Belles charmed me so much, because normally I don’t enjoy books that feature fairly one-dimensional characters, but it wasn’t that much of a problem for me in Belles.


Overall, I was surprised that I really enjoyed Belles. Their fa This is rare since I am normally not a big fan of second books in seriesbut I think I enjoyed this book more than the first. I could picture their world. She must decide, is she going to let the mean girl keep on torturing Izzie? She will also be going to the exclusive private school, Emerald Prep, with her cousins Hayden and Mirabelle.

I also feel like this book didn’t have a lot of add as far as caloniat plot–rags to riches, mean girls, etc. Can she fit into her new world without fundamentally changing who she is?

Closure is minimal because this will obviously be a series, although the ending was enough closure for now. One day Izzie is swimming and life guarding at her local boardwalk when things change. Now cotillion is coming up and Mira convinces Izzie to join with her.

Je you think I have some kind of short-term memory loss?

I read it once then got hen for my birthday a couple months ago. Dylan is the black sheep of the family and dislikes her parents greatly. Her life was not perfect but she had the coping skills to make it work. This, however, brings them closer together, and makes them team up to fight off the rumours, messes, and crazy of Emerald Cove.



Mar 18, Tara rated it it was amazing Shelves: Mira Monroe is Isabelle’s cousin and she’s been in the lap of luxury her entire life. I just loved it! I fell in love with her Secrets of My Hollywood Life series and have since read every single one of her books. The contrasts and conflicts between the two towns, as well as the power dynamics of the snobbish Emerald Cave, are calontia clearly and with plenty of telling details.

I had to read a few lines over again!

Every problem is a problem, no matter what it is. I read the first book in that series and the first chapter of the second book before I called it quits. I hated that Izzie didn’t once try and look at things from his point of view.

Who loves this series? The characters are by far the greatest aspect of this series. She’s not incredibly friendly, and she fully admits to enjoying some of the perks of her new life, even as she’s feeling guilty for loving them.

Please provide an email address. It read a little young and the dialogue was sometimes odd.