La Sonnambula (Vincenzo Bellini): Synopsis, Libretto, Highlights, MIDI, Noten, Sheet Music. di Felice Romani ; musica di Vincenzo Bellini. (Statement Of Responsibility). U.S. RISM Libretto Project. Two acts; “Elenco dei libretti “–back cover. Libretto. Sheet Music – £ – Bellini, Vincenzo – La Sonnambula (Libretto) Opera.

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CHOR Sie lebe hoch! AMINA si getta nelle braccia della madre. Possa un altro, ah! Sacro ti sia tal dono Come fu sacro a lei; Sia de’ tuoi voti e miei Fido custode ognor. Home – Search the Database – Search Results. While sleepwalking, Amina prays for Elvino and then snnambula her sorrow. I’ve found you again, Elvino. Dieses Tuch fand man im Zimmer dieses Herrn. Che belllini d’un uomo Che ti sposa soltanto per dispetto?

Grido soffocato di terrore. Embrace me, always now together, forever joined in one hope, on the earth where we live we will make a heaven of love. The sound of horses’ hooves and a cracking whip is heard. Non ti giurai mia fede?

La sonnambula

Es erging dir wie der Liebe, die nur einen Tag dauerte. LISA beiseite Auch er! The sleepwalker in act 2, sc.


The first performance took place at the Teatro Carcano in Milan on 6 March You blelini be my love, my companion. Ich wurde nie allein erwischt, bei Nacht, noch fand man mich eingeschlossen im Zimmer eines Herrn. That Pasta owned a house near Como and would be staying there over the summer was the reason that Felice Romani traveled to meet both her and Bellini.

When he says that he knows it, all are surprised.

La sonnambula – Libretto

Der Graf sagt, sie sei ehrbar, ja, sie sei unschuldig, er ist bereits auf dem Weg. Wie kannst du mir das sagen?!

Wir bitten, insistieren ehrfurchtsvoll LISA No, non conosco finora innamorati. Lisa enters Rodolfo’s room to see if all is well.

That music which he was beginning to use for Ernani was transferred to Sonnambula is not in doubt, and, as Weinstein comments, “he was as ready as most other composers of his era to reuse in a new situation musical passages created for a different, earlier one”. He takes the ring from Amina. Io lo leggo sonnamhula tuoi sguardi, Nel tuo riso lusinghier! Elvino demands proof and Rodolfo, seeing eonnambula sleeping Amina walking across the high, dangerously unstable mill bridge, warns that to wake her would be fatal.


We can’t believe such tales. Der Herr Graf soll es leugnen, wenn er kann.

Saria questo Il notturno fantasma? He has abandoned me. Here he comes, alone, thoughtful He’s going to the church Lo destiam, o nol destiam? Signor Conte, agli occhi miei Negar fede non poss’io. Elvino, embarrassed, lets go of Lisa’s hand. Elvino non gli crede; a sedare il bisticcio giunge Teresa, pregando gli astanti di non far rumore: Aminaan orphan who has been adopted by Lubretto, engaged to Elvino.

Ei ci affida, ei promette, abbiam vinto Potria novel vigore Il pianto mio recarti Ich meide die Liebe; meine Freiheit ist es mir wert.

Sie zittert …, wankt … Erstickter Schrei des Entsetzens Ach weh! CORO A tai fole non crediamo. At this accusal I cannot retrain my rage! LISA Ja, und ich verdiene es: Views Read Edit View history.

CHOR Da ist er ja!