Download the Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition Manual, Amn Survival Guide · Download the Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition Manual, Mastering Melee &. The entire English version of the Baldur’s Gate 2 expansion manual, plus the An A-Z guide to romances in Baldur’s Gate 2: SoA (without ToB installed). the first game and are described in this manual. How Baldur’s Gate Uses .. the end of the game! Note: You will be able to surpass this cap in Baldur’s Gate 2.

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A solid all around weapon. HP Growth Tables [A40] e. The big thing, though, is the fact that there is VERY little documentation on the thief traps save for the higher level ones which are actually fully explained.

For Fighter-types, this is a very good weapon to have, since it also tog that annoying Level Drain from happening to you Backstabbers, ideally, can avoid this from happening.

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So, enjoy the product of my hard work! Exploding ones are a sort of cross tlb conventional Traps and Maze traps, best if you expect multiple enemies to return at once, since you can knock them out of your sight and set another or simply Hide. For fighter types, though, many better-suited swords manuual.


HELP – clay golem. The reason you’re a thief is for the thief skills anyway, right? Find More Posts by Helm himself.

Baldur’s Gate II: Throne of Bhaal Thief Guide for PC by – GameFAQs

I’ll assume 19 STR tkb both. Accessories [] Cloak of Non-detection Where: Tkb Secret of Traps [] a. It really doesn’t have much to add to the overall backstabbing experience, especially since enemies are quite adept at making their saving throws. Pasir Ris, Singapore Age: Baldur’s Gate II is a continuation, it bf2 just one massive expansion pack for the original Baldur’s Gate.

Has Sorcerer’s Place been useful? I mentioned before that it’s perhaps even better to dual-class over multi-class, since you can either start off with a Fighter set and get the proficiencies you want then switch over, or start off with a Thief set and get the abilities you want then switch over.

So in one week, you are actually going to earn 1. First it covers romances in general, then specific NPC profiles, major NPC variables this is a bit more advancedall romance dialogue options, illegal issues and more.

Baldur’s Gate II Throne Of Bhaal [Manual]

No other game has made the choice to not ascend into deityhood a choice well-respected, and a rest and reward well-deserved. However, when you do land a strike, you’ll probably slay most anything with a gg2 hit.

Storm Shield gives you immunity to fire, cold, lightning, and missile weapons for a good amount of time 1 round per level. Reward for completing the Umar Quest talk to the Mayor.


Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition

This list only contains the numbers, and not any banter ng2. It’s also technically available as soon as you leave Irenicus’s dungeon since you are forced to go to the slums anyway. Also, the werewolves and shadows in the Circus Tent are illusions, but the clones in Irenicus’s dungeon are not though they seem like Simulacra of your characters.

Special thanks to Gegengheist for finding this singular buckler. Backstabbers and fighter-types may include Trappers Why: In addition, enemies must Save vs. User Name Remember Me?

Golem Manual

Vanilla Thief [] Abilities: The time now is But if you’ve already gotten this, then you should probably have A supplementary weapon for backstabbers and a main one for magically inclined thieves.

In Mae’Var’s guild, on the second floor, you’ll see a myriad of doors and safes, each progressively harder for a thief to crack open and the safes are progressively more intensely trapped. You’d think such a simple thing like this Bioware would actually tell you.

Whereas all other traps your character has to walk to that point and set it, your character will simply throw a Special Trap to the location. The problem, though, is that they will eventually revolt. Rogue Solo Guide by Steven de Rooij.