Bhaja Govindam is a popular Hindu devotional composition attributed to Adi Shankara. This work of Adi Shankara underscores the view that devotion (Bhakti) to. Govinda leads us from darkness to light, ignorance to knowledge and despair to aspiration. Bhaja Govindam means, always sing the glory of the Lord, who is the . would like to chant Bhaja Govindam with you rather than give one sided lecture. Normally This sounded like those Telugu words and he lost the true meaning.

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Although the force and urge of attraction between male and female is a natural phenomenon, if controlled, it is good for the home and the society at large, if not, it will burn many lives, as fire burns everything that it touches.

Only with good thoughts from within one cannot keep on fighting against the predating bad habits of this life and prarabdha of earlier lives. One does not hate one’s own body, though it is stinking due to some disease, but the person hates even one’s own most loved person, if the body of that person has the same problem. Life is short and the journey is too long.

Anger harms not only the self but also others. Like-wise, surrendering oneself at the altar of Narayana by reciting Sri Vishnusahasranamams and thereby getting oneself attuned to Him is the true worship. To become eligible we constantly invoke godly vaasanaas in us. The only true path available for a sadhaka to remove delusion is wisdom.

Great personalities like Bhishma Pitamah, Dronaacharya, Kripaacharya, etc. Central Chinmaya Mission Trust, From time immemorial, it has been taught to us by the Rishis of yore that Vishnu is the All-pervading power in me, in you and everywhere.

If one succeeds in seeing that One Reality behind all the creation, then the problem is solved once and for all. And the life passes by fulfilling one desire after another.

Such a person will get exposed soon. Time will never stop for any person and under any circumstances. It is a natural phenomenon in the world with all the intelligent creatures that they wish to possess more and more to enjoy, thinking that one gets relieved from the sense of insecurity by having wealth.


The imaginary mansions one builds around oneself with money or wealth will not stand to protect one when the death knocks at the door. The writer of this commentary is the best and readily available example of this fact. Till then, it is a kind of repetition, which is necessary to emphasise that one point, which says that the multiplicity is the nature of the world, but the Realised Soul sees only One-ness in and through of all. The satisfaction springing from sense enjoyment has very limited life and it binds one in karma.

Acquiring wealth is not wrong, but the insatiable desire to keep on acquiring wealth is a sin and one has to give it up sooner than later.

Understand that the world is equally unstable and it will be swallowed by disease and conceit. Part of a series on. One will understand that the body is perishable and the soul is imperishable and one should not become victim of erroneous attachments and the transient nature of these relations.

It is difficult to describe, as it maening beyond the qualities of any qualifications. How to get over this delusion? Any kind of sorrow of life will cease on its own accord upon the dawn of the knowledge of the Self.

Getting impatient and angry with other is meaningless. In other words, all actions should be done with samarpana bhaava or with an attitude of dedication, in a spirit of yagna and with an idea to serve for the sake of loka kalyaanam or for the welfare of the world. But, the disciple, on his part, has to obey the Guru, manasaa, vaacha and karmana so much so that he firmly believes that Guru is God.

Bhaja Govindam – Wikipedia

As the fish, which are close to the net, do not fall in the net, so as the devotees, who are close to the feet of the Lord msaning not get entangled in the Maya-chakra. One invites problems when one maintains relationship with the world of objects, feelings and thoughts through one’s body, mind and intellect.


As darkness cannot stay in govlndam face of rising Sun, atheism or perversity could not stay before the bright face lit up with the divine genius of Sri Sankaracharya.

Sri Sankarcharya pleads by prescribing an efficient antidote for this evil. God is the only goal to be achieved to get release from the bondage of Samsara. If one starts reflecting on the course of meaninb life, which is a great mysterious enigma, one is faced with questions like, whence did one come, where was one previously, who is one’s wife, one’s son and other relations and what is the existence of oneself and the relation or the bond between one govibdam another, etc.

This sloka is a warning against vanities of life and by contemplation, curbing the mind away from the false values and deceptive sense of security, one has to struggle to dedicate oneself in devotion in the service of the Permanent Source of Knowledge. Govinda leads us from darkness to light, ignorance to knowledge and despair to aspiration.


Bhaja Govindam

At the time of your death, Rules of grammar will pyrics save you. He says, first, that read Srimad Bhagavad Gita, as it explains both the goal and the path and also gives different techniques of living and, secondly, recite the thousand names of the Lord with one-pointed bhajs.

Guru charan ambuja nirbhara bhaktah – great devotee of the lotus-feet of the teacher, Samsaarat – from the samsaara, Achiraat – soon, Bhava muktah – become liberated, Sendriya maanas niyamat – through the discipline of the sense organs and the mind, Evam – in this manner, Drakshyasi – you will tlugu, Nija hridayastham – that dwells in one’w own heart, Devam – the Lord. Equanimity of mind is alone the true joy. By allowing the mind besieged by the worries and thoughts of wife and wealth, one is making it impoverished.