The Text History of the Bibliotheca of. Pseudo-Apollodorus. AUBREY DILLER. The references in the Scholia Minora on the Iliad are only apparent. The work is. Attributed to Apollodorus of Athens (born c. BCE), but probably composed in the first or second century BCE, The Library provides a grand summary of. The Bibliotheca of Pseudo-Apollodorus, perhaps the best-known mythographic text, stands out for its comprehensive aim and state of preservation.

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The Library of Greek Mythology

Cinyras sends toy ships. From the blood of the slain youth sprang the hyacinth, inscribed with letters which commemorated his tragic death ; though the ancients were not at one pseudo-apollodorjs the reading of them. But compare Scholiast on Homer, II x. As such the writings that create history are written down while still within living memory, while myth comes about after generations of passing the story down, which suggests that the story may have been true, however it has become corrupted as it has been passed down from generation to generation.

The author gives no account of himself and never refers to contemporary events: In addition to the encyclopedic coverage of the various Greek myths, there are extensive explanatory notes providing details about and variations on the storiesas well as genealogical charts of the Greek ruling families, a map, a summary of the twelve Greek Gods, cross-references to animals and transformations in the myths, and an index of pseudo-apolloxorus.

Best to be prepared. The notion that either a birth or a death would defile the holy island is illustrated by an inscription found on the acropolis of Athens, which declares it to be the custom that no one should be bom or die within any sacred precinct.

The Bibliotheca has been called “the most valuable mythographical work that has come down from ancient times”. Apis converted his power into a tyranny and named the Peloponnese after himself Apia ; but being a stem tyrant he was conspired against and slain by Thelxion and Telchis.

Click anywhere in the line to jump to another position: Even in the historical age of Greece the ranks of the celestial hierarchy were sometimes recruited, not by the slow process of individual canonization, as we may call it, but by a levy in mass ; as when all the gallant men bibliogheca died far the freedom of Greece at Pseudo-apo,lodorus and Plataea received the first step of promotion on the heavenly ladder by being accorded heroic honours, which they enjoyed down to the second century of our era.


These traditions point to the conclusion that in the royal line of Athamas the eldest son was regularly liable to be sacrificed either to prevent or to remedy a failure of the crops, and that in later times a ram was commonly accepted as a substitute for the human victim. Traditional references simply instance “the Library and Epitome “.

In other words, Apollodorus conducts us from the purely mythical ages, which lie far beyond the reach of human memory, down to the borderland of history. Together pseudo-aplllodorus form a divine couple, called Moeri Kra4ng.

So he slew their jailoress Campe, and loosed their bonds.

But pseudo-aapollodorus put to sea from there by night and met with contrary winds, they lost their bearings and landed again among the Doliones. Roscher’s Lexikon der griechiachen und romischen Mythologie, iii.

Jul 28, Matthew Gallaway rated it it was amazing. His text bibliotheeca Apollodorus and the other mythographers is accom- panied by a Latin translation and followed by critical and exegetical notes. I regret that it did not reach me until all my notes were passed for the press, but I have been able to make some use of it in the Appendix.

The Library, Volume I

The end of Cadmus and Harmonia in lUyria, v. See my commentary on Pausanias, vol. List of the leaders, vi. Babies are packed into boxes, or tossed into the sea or the fireor exposed on hillsides – though on the bright side, these latter children usually end up being suckled by bears, are raised by cowherds, and become kings.

The Pythian games at Delphi were instituted in honour of the dead dragon Ovid and Hyginus, ll. Aeschylus wrote a satyric play on the subject. It is a fourteenth century manuscript in bibliothwca National Library at Paris and bears the number According to the Scholiast on Homer, lUad, i.

Paris and Oenone, xii. See Ovid, Meta- morph.

The barbarous story of the mutilation of the divine father by his divine son shocked the moral sense of later ages.

Mayer, Die Giganten und Titanen, pp. But she in her wrath sent a boar of extraordinary size and strength, which prevented the land from being sown and destroyed the cattle and the people that fell in with it. And he is punished even after death ; for vultures eat his heart in Hades. At first the king under- stood not the oracle, but afterwards he apprehended it. But she invoked the gods by whom Jason had sworn, and after often upbraiding him with his ingratitude she sent the bride a robe steeped in poison, which when Glauce had put on, she was consumed with fierce fire along with her father, who went to her rescue.


From Plutarch and Aelian we learn that Apollo had to go to Tempe to be purified for the slaughter of the dragon, and that both the slaughter of the dragon and the purification of the god were represented every eighth year in a solemn festival at Delphi.

Achelis, and some corrected readings which he reported were published by Professor Hermann Diels in the same volume of the Rheinisches Museum, pp. But according to iodorus, or his authorities, the child was brought up in a cave on Mount Ida.

Thus dishonored, the Lemnian women murdered their fathers and husbands, but Hypsipyle alone saved her father Thoas by hiding him. Wagner’s edition of ApoUodorus.

But Nephele caught him and her daughter up and gave them a ram with a golden fleece, which she had received from Hermes, and borne through the sky by the pseuvo-apollodorus they crossed land and sea.

On it Prometheus was nailed and kept bound for many years.

Peleus comes to Phthia ; joining in the hunt of the Calydonian boar he accidentally kills Eurytion ; is purified by Acastus and maligned by Astydamia, wife of Pseudo-zpollodorus ; hunts on Mount Pelion and is saved from the centaurs by Chinm, xiii.

Diomedes wounds Aphrodite and meets Glaucus in battle.

The Library of Greek Mythology by Apollodorus

So, waiting till the rocks had recoiled, with hard rowing and the help of Hera, they passed through, the extremity of the ship’s ornamented called Symplegades. Gathering the child’s limbs, Aeetes fell behind in the pursuit; wherefore he turned back, and, having buried the rescued limbs of his child, he called the place Tomi. These things we learn from a long inscription which was found in recent years at Lindus: