Default Program (Bioloid Premium). Basic programs for humanoid. How to download task code · How to execute basic program. Basic motion files for humanoid. For those interested in building the Bioloid Premium Humanoid, assembly instructions can be found at the URL below. This URL is not part of. User’s Guide. What is Bioloid? Bioloid. The Bioloid is a robot kit where the user can build anything they desire, just like the Lego sets. But unlike the Lego.

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Please refer to Controller and RC for installation information. Operation Guide – When it detects an object while walking, it will avoid it.

There are three ways to open the Program Output Monitor. Therefore, mqnual module from one set may not work with a module from another set. In order to apply the joint offset a motion must be executed. If the ID does not exist in the robot, a warning sound will be activated.

How to Download Task Code. Check the angles of the arms and legs. Please note that not all products include a zigbee module and may need to be purchased separately. This is to allow the robot to automatically configure its gyro sensors so that it can walk properly.


Even If there is a motion requiring the corresponding actuator, there is no way to control it with the motion data. The R button moves backward, U button moves rights, and the D button moves left. Operation Guide – When no change is detected, the fawn sits down and looks around.


For more information on each sensors, please click on the names of the sensors. The robot will walk by itself while avoiding obstacles. The callback function is a function that runs independently of the main program routine and is automatically executed manaul fixed intervals.

If the robot alarm sounds off during operations then recharge the battery. In this case, it is not necessary to revise the motions to keep the arm still. Double click an empty line or press EnterIn the Select Control window, select the controller to use, then press the OK button. When the lower sensor detects something, it will avoid the edge and turn right.

Isolate each motor and compare it to the standard posture. It will attack when something is detected near the front.

You may obtain Lithium prenium batteries from www. CreateCustom Motions: When it detects an object while walking, it will avoid it.

[Bioloid] Premium Humanoid Assembly Instructions

Increases the ID by 1, D: If the joint offset is used in the callback function to apply the gyro adjustment value, the joint offset should not be set for the joints used by the grippers.

  ACI 207.1R-05 PDF

A melody will play each time it moves. Make sure that the joints are free of cables or other debris. Application motion control depending on the number of sounds detected and DMS Sensor value.

It will do different things depending on the number of claps.

Advanced Level Example Robot (Bioloid Premium)

Load 2 into Print with Line. To print the numbers on the screen endlessly, use the Endless Loop command Create a command line. Please contact the service department of the company you purchased from. Place an obstacle in the robots path and turn the dinosaur robot on.

Bioloid Premium

Battery Charge You may obtain Lithium polymer batteries from www. Review the two sections before getting started. Remote Control Mode D: If you press a button on RC before prfmium a mode, the robot will enter remote control mode.

Adjustment using the Gyro Sensor, Custom Motions: