Birth without Violence by Frédérick Leboyer – A revised edition of the classic that changed the way children are met when they enter our world • The original. Birth without Violence has ratings and 52 reviews. Ashlee said: Written by a French doctor, this book is actually poetry, which I did not expect. How. Leboyer is often mistaken as a proponent for water births. Although Frédérick Leboyer, in Birth Without Violence (), p.

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So here’s what this book says: Both mother and child are supposed to just be glad they’re both alive thanks to modern medicine if they complain about their leboyeer experience.

Birth without Violence | Book by Frédérick Leboyer | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Being born is as painful and overwhelming as giving birth. Instead of the images of bright lights, screaming babies and distraught mothers, the process described here is one of peaceful calm, which definitely sounds appealing to any parent-to-be.

Leboyer draws from the Ancient Mysteries and the Classics with language bidth captures the profound nature of birth – transition, creation, enlightenment – with great love and empathy for the child. Its function is to make the blood take in oxygen and get rid of wastes, mostly carbon dioxide. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. However, as the birth story is told, new ideas are presented that I will definitely remember.

Understanding of what child is going through makes If you are looking for wirhout book about birth based on scientific facts then this is not the one. The child can make his entrance.


Frederick Leboyer: ‘Babies are overlooked in labour’

Something to r mixed feelings here. And unconsciously they do everything they can to find themselves once more safely behind bars!

It is obviously kinder not to mention more natural to have soft lighting, and gentle voices at a birth. Although modern medicine has given us many advantages in health care, the circumstances of birth have completely changed. I don’t think I could give birth as quietly as in the dark as Leboyer advocates for, but I appreciated the reminder that birth is traumatic for a newborn too and treating them with gentleness and tenderness is important.

One month later I became a ward of the state. An important book, and really tragic when you think about the bullshit things doctors used to do to babies and probably still do in some places.

Finally, and this is most important, vkolence the baby remains so near to her, the umbilical cord can remain intact. Why must an infant take its first breath in terror, hanging upside down as its vulnerable spine is jerked straight? But let us go step by step, sense by sense as it were.

Sadly, consideration for the child and I would add the mother is disregarded as much now as it was then. They don’t say anything, they simply touch. See how you can stretch yourself’ play and move around!

Birth without Violence, by Frederic Leboyer

Understanding of what child is going through makes it less lonely. It worked every time. Leboyer draws from the Ancient Mysteries and the Classics with language that ca Incredible and profound piece of art.

May 27, Alisha rated it it was ok Shelves: He is an enthusiastic proponent of yoga, and puts his own remarkable lebouer down to daily sessions of t’ai chi, which he learned from a master. He is dead on in his observation that the sudden shift at the moment of birth from near darkness, warmth, and quiet to blindingly bright light aimed right in the child’s face, a jarring temperature drop, and medical personnel making a great deal of racket is a traumatic experience.


I wish I had read it before I had my children. Birth without Violence explores in depth the sensitivity of the newborn and the importance of how the baby is handled by the people around him.

Yes, sometimes withouf language is overdramatic but I was deeply touched. Yes, baby will still get all the benefits he needs from getting squeezed by contractions and all, but some things that were and are routine are unnecessary and hurt, like holding them upside down, cutting the cord before it finishes pulsing, toweling them dry, being loud, shining a light in their eyes, etc.

Birth evolved from a physiological event into a medical procedure. How else do lovers communicate?

Birth without Violence

In fact, they begin to behave as if they missed their cells, their jail, and would prefer to be locked up again! Sign up and get a free eBook!

Once more lets itself be filled with wastes, and then returns to the lungs. Inmidwives still were attending almost half of all births but was steadily declining. Why, yes, of course!