Find great deals for Blackmagic Design Teranex 2D Converter. The processor provides high-quality de-interlacing, up and down conversion, SD and HD cross . Teranex 2D and 3D Processors feature patented processing technology for the highest quality conversion between video standards, frame rates and resolutions. Several months ago, I set out to review the Teranex 2D, a media processor from Blackmagic Design that offers users myriad inputs and outputs.

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I would not consider this a design fault though.

Teranex Standards Converters

I cannot get all the resolution the camera is capable of in the converted picture. Rated 4 out of 5 by Wayne from Where to start Freeze Frame Hold any frame on screen until you’re ready to switch outputs! So maybe some of this stuff was human error. Blackmagic Design Teranex 2D Processor. That’s perfect for mastering clean online content. Using the Teranex 2D to just convert Alexia camera No Longer Available Update Location close. Essentially, though, you get a two-for-one product for format conversion and video capture.

Heranex to say we spent 2k for this box and 2 days of our time and I feel we have a great 24p conversion. Imagine, seeing a close up of a virtuoso pianist as their fingers fly across the keys on a big screen projector in sync with the live performance!

For capture, playback, and waveform or scope monitoring, there are additional requirements that the computer–connected via Thunderbolt–will need to meet. Our findings are integrated throughout the following review.

For the money, this is a universal interface converter, test pattern generator, scaler and so much else. We sure appreciate the attitude and the professionalism. For example, you can hold on a slide while the presenter makes changes to their presentation in the background.


Low Latency for Live Conversions Convert and output signals in milliseconds! The incredible power of Teranex processing includes up and down conversions, cross conversions and standards conversions with cadence detection, removal and blackmzgic, optical quality scaling, ddesign more. Teranex Setup allows large broadcasters to manage multiple Teranex converters on their network all from a central location!

You can capture a still at any resolution so it matches your projection or output settings.

Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Conversions can be performed simply procesor protect equipment such as decks, switchers, transmitters and encoders from standards they don’t support.

The pfocessor was originally edited in 60i. I think that this box will continue to improve with software updates from blackmagic. Use adjustable scaling when vesign need to set custom aspect ratios, or even for reframing shots to remove image edge artifacts. HDMI automatically configures to connected display. Teranex features proprietary and patented PixelMotion de-interlacing algorithms so you get improved image quality by maintaining vertical resolution.

High Quality De-Interlace Teranex quality starts with one of the world’s highest quality and most precise de-interlacers.

Also included is the proprietary Smart aspect that warps images from 4: Automatically upgrades internally when dseign software is connected via USB 2. Still slowly reading the pdf manual to realize the potential of this converter.

Keep up the great work! The Blackmagic-Design Teranex 2D Processor is an advanced-quality standards converter as well as video format converter and capture and playback device all-in-one.


Pixel for pixel HD resolution input to connected device. Black Magic has done a good job of re-tooling the Teranex. This causes problems when preparing film content for distribution online with streaming files that are encoded at 24 fps. Video Control Adjust color, aspect ratio and more!

This means when film is converted to video a process called 3: Teranex converts between frame rates such as these, adding and removing cadence as required. The integrated LCD screen on the front panel lets you make adjustments with confidence during live broadcasts, events and presentations.

Blackmagic Design Teranex 2D Converter

Blackmagic has done it again, providing high end technology at a reasonable price. Teranex’s high performance real time conversion combined with Thunderbolt technology delivers procwssor perfect capture and playback solution. My original plan for the unit, which is to up-convert an SD camera to HD, won’t work.

UltraScope displays 6 simultaneous live scopes on a single screen.

We utilize the equipment in our satellite uplink trucks. Familiar Design Advanced Teranex control panel.

Review: Blackmagic Design Teranex 2D Media Processor – Streaming Media Producer

Simply plugging in a Thunderbolt cable transforms Teranex into a high end capture and playback solution with full software and SDK support. Two of them are Media Express and UltraScope. UltraScope provides technically accurate waveform monitoring that’s perfect for desogn, editing and in any location where you use Teranex processing. It really beats any software only solution I have used in the past.