CONCORD BLUE DEVILS Battery Audition Info BD5 – Triplet- Diddle: This exercise has been around for many years, and is still the best one to . BD/Triplet-Diddle BD/Flams Malfred (cadence). The package includes a score and complete set of parts. Instrumentation: Snare, Tenors, 5 Bass. Blue Devils Drumline – Triplet Diddle June 20 – The drumline plays through an exercise.

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Blue Devils Triplet Diddle 2014 Variation

I thought it’d be cool for us to Blue Devils B snares Roman r 5 years ago. No registered users and 2 guests. Triiplet IQ http: I do crappily on it, but thats cuz i suck.


Probably one of the coolest sounding licks. Blue Devils Snare drumguy52 10 years ago.

Triplet Diddle by The Blue Devils – Flash Flash Revolution: Community Forums

Devs played their opener You could call me a hopeless romantic, I guess. Last edited by Devila on Mon May 11, 4: Sun May 10, 7: My college mascot also happens to be a blue devil Bluecoats Vibraphone -Glenn Dawson “Pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo.

Oh no, I’m not with the Blue Devils drum corp, although that would own. Blue Devils On Field Warmup: All times are GMT Also, for future reference, please post anything submitted here in this format: Please post music as an attachment.

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