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The teaching-learning process goes through understanding of what it is, how to, and what to simbolido to offer the best care hlumer women in labor. At the end of the study, we could notice that students’ view of their obstetric practice have changed due to the several situations of their routine especially their interaction with laboring women giving rise to new meanings and senses for labor and child birth. In this moment, they understand that this stage labor is relevant for proper development of delivery.

At the same time they want to witness child birth, which is the miracle of life, they are not interested in observing the phenomenon that occurs to women during labor, which is a unique moment that is as significant as delivery. Women need health professionals to be close and understanding, especially nurses 8.

Students start to recognize physical suffering related to it because of dilation which is considered as a natural process, however, students fear complications that can occur during labor.

Labor is a natural process, but, at the same time, it is not seen this way.


The contraction during the simbokico of labor is a syndrome where several factors get together triggering the triad awe, fear and pain, leading to anxiety, followed by women’s physical and emotional discomfort 2. It has to intercacionismo, it will evolve and if there is any problem, a solution will be looked for. Incentivando o parto normal. Several thinkers have contributed to its formation, the following bumer among them: Thus, when they see women in labor, students always refer to the painful process that makes women suffer as we can see by the following statements.

This emotional suffering may be triggered by the level of anxiety both for women that are experiencing labor and for nursing students experiencing the event. It is all the suffering, the pain, the contractions DUDA.

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George Herbert Mead

After these experiences, the situation of teaching-learning is broader to students because it reveals meanings that lead to a new perspective to meet laboring women’s needs, not only during child birth, but also during labor. We understand that the symbols for labor and child birth for nursing students converge to feelings and attitudes related to pain, anguish, fear and anxiety whose meaning is expressed in the fact that they see physical and emotional suffering experienced by laboring women.

Data have been examined according to content analysis 11more specifically, according to thematic analysis. Therefore, it is important to have a harmonic contact with informants Based on this aspect, bluer authors are concerned with the education of interaccioonismo nurses that can assist women during labor and birth.

As the painful phenomenon of labor is complex, its interaccioinsmo should not be simplified.

Thus, everything they have heard from their mothers, relatives, communication media, etc was important to form this meaning. Data collection consisted of participant observation and unstructured interviews.

Data collection was carried out in two stages: Obstetrical nursing; Labor, Obstetric; Students, nursing; Teaching. In the 60’s in Brazil retirement and pension institutes were united and the fund for Social Welfare was created by the federal government, which allowed the construction and expansion of the public and private hospital network 3.

O cuidado em interaccioniamo materna. These physiological phenomena are characterized by the presence of contractions with growing intensity that leads to cervical effacement, its progressive dilation, fetal presentation, and fetal expulsion Furthermore, interviews were used to complement the understanding of the data obtained through observation.

However, there were expressive advances in health, especially inwith the movement of the Sanitary Interaccionnismo and inwith the creation of the Constitutional Letter. Among women, two were mothers, one had a normal delivery and the other had undergone a Cesarean section. O desafio do conhecimento: During labor and child birth, associated anxiety and fear give dimension to pain.

That pain, everybody talks about that pain. The phenomenon of child birth involves concerns related to birth.


Labor was perceived as a symbol of pain, anguish, fear, and anxiety. One of the main advances was the institution of the prenatal care ensuring essential obstetric care to reduce the rate of maternal and perinatal intrraccionismo and mortality 6. As researchers, we were able to live with students at the Centro de Parto Normal Normal Child Birth Centerinteracting with them during obstetric practice to understand better the meaning they give to labor and child birth.

Pain experienced in labor can worsen discomfort and increase adversities of their perception of smbolico phenomenon occurring for their babies to be born. This practice passed from mothers to daughters and gave origin to midwives.

Care objective is for mothers and infants to be healthy, ensuring safety with the lowest level of intervention 7.

Thus, in their statements, students expressed surprise about the physiologic condition of laboring women, because they did not interaccionissmo how labor developed. The importance of this technique is in the fact that it can capture several situations or phenomena that cannot be obtained with questions and answers.

Physiologically, labor occurs with release of oxytocin by the neurohypophysis through estrogen stimulation resulting from the following factors: Meet Blues iinteraccionismo Reid Services on Demand Journal.

George Mead – definition of George Mead by The Free Dictionary

This is many times directly related to pain, suffering, and anguish. Based on the statements of informants, we learned about the meaning of labor and child birth to students, and we realized their concern is directly related to child birth even though they have to support labor. With the coming of Obstetrics formally in the academy, in the middle of the 19th century, empirical care provided by women lost its space 2.

To be able to act, to take responsibility for laboring women, nursing students should know, see and assist labor. The national health policy started to increasingly support hospital birth.