Brian Evenson (born August 12, ) is an American academic and writer of both literary As a young man, Brian Evenson served a two-year mission for The Church of In , he received an O. Henry Award for his story “Two Brothers”. #92 Two Brothers- Brian Evenson. Daddy Norton has fallen and broken his leg. He refuses to let his sons leave the house for help. He believes. Brian Evenson’s work can be unpredictable, confronting the reader with what can Evenson has received an O. Henry award for his story “Two Brothers” and an.

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Thematically, I do seem to be drawn to certain kinds of stories, certain kinds of suffering. I’d also like to think that my fiction can be read in a number of different ways. And I couldn’t have done it without having read Steve Evnson ‘s work, which opened up new possibilities to me.

Brian Evenson

This for me all partly stems from an interest in Deleuze and Guattari’s A Thousand Plateaus and their favoring of the schizophrenic over the neurotic. Most of it has been published in literary venues, but there does seem to be a lot of interest in it from other places as well — a few stories have been gathered in genre anthologies of various kinds, and one of my favorite novellas, The Brotherhood of Mutilationwas published by a evnson press that mainly does horror.

I’ve been working on a novel called The Open Curtainwhich is something I began before all but one of bothers stories found in The Wavering Knife. There’s always some pressure toward writing novels, though I think that I’ve been lucky in finding and continuing to find a number of presses and magazines interested in publishing my short stories.

Nonetheless, Evenson has asserted that he maintains a measure of respect for svenson believers in the LDS Church and does not intend to casually offend or provoke them. I’d rather just read the critical text than read the same thing watered down and simplified in fiction. I do think, as I suggested above, that there’s a subterranean philosophical investigation going on if you consider all my stories together, and this accounts for both the stylistic similarities and what you call the unique cohesive elements.

Did you ever think that writing fiction would affect your life as significantly as it has? Dark Property uses words that aren’t in most dictionaries. It’s an extreme book, but I’m very happy with it. I’ve been interested in both writers who depict madness and writers and thinkers, like Antonin Artaud or Daniel Paul Schreber or Christopher Smartwho have spent substantial time in asylums, as well as in outsider artists of all kinds.


And a number of the stories couple difficult content with a very lyrical style which, I think, makes a reader feel pulled between being repulsed by the text and attracted to it. His fiction is often described as literary minimalismbut also draws inspiration from horrordetective fictionscience fiction and continental philosophy. Altmann’s Tongue opened with an epigraph by Julia Kristeva ; Dark Property featured quotes in untranslated German from Martin Heidegger ; and several of Evenson’s books have epigraphs from philosopher Alphonso Lingis.

What gives you that stylistic range? If it was going to destroy me, I wanted it to be worth it. In translating Mountain Rhow much was Jacques Jouet’s voice and how much was yours? Beckett has an extraordinary signature — you can feel his presence in everything he writes despite the spareness of his prose. More than a decade ago, I did a degree in 18th century literature and read a lot of obscure 18th and 17th century texts.

brjan I published a portion of A Circular Desert as a story called “Sortie” that appeared in a very small magazine six or seven years ago. As I recollected the story, I kind of felt like Aurel, like someone had leaned me against the house and I was watching this all, replaying it in my mind.

Your collections appear, especially in tone and theme, to have unique cohesive elements. Posted by Tyler Gobble at 2: For me, it was a way of brizn to resurrect these dead, really intriguing words, and the story of the novella, which involves a resurrection cult and a very permeable line between life and death, sprang from that.

It’s a very strong book and as a writer I felt an affinity with it, which is why I wanted to translate it. It’s almost impossible to write a long novel in which everything is tightly wound and which has the crispness and tightness to it that a novella can have — even if you do, it’s at least partly lost on a reader, reading a long novel over several sittings.

I’ve heard quite a bit about Evenson, but I can honestly say this is the first piece of his work that I’ve read. Pergolesi’s Death was a sort of metaphysical mystery like Leonardo Sciascia’s work which had a central flaw that I don’t see any way to ever get around. I’d like to think my own stories are most interested in creating a narrative, creating too a certain mood or feeling, that whatever philosophy is there is integrated and sublimated. However, Evenson has stated that he intends any philosophical elements to be fully integrated into his fiction rather than promoting any particular viewpoint, and has argued that reading philosophical works directly is more rewarding than reading philosophy that is veiled as fiction.

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As a writer, I’d evwnson to think that what I’m created has a certain authority and expresses a distinctive voice, that I’m offering evensob up to the reader that he or she isn’t likely to encounter elsewhere, and that this something is not simply the content but a way of handle that content.

I’m very committed to bran short story as a form. Years ago, you said, “I’d like to think that brisn writing I’m doing has a signature of its own. There was a lot of local controversy surrounding my first collection, Altmann’s Tonguewhich cost me my job at Brotheds Young University, a Mormon university I was working at the time.

Each of them taught me something about writing, about putting a novel together, but each also taught me a great deal about what doesn’t work when one is writing a novel.

Is this what’s called “imposter fiction? I’ve been writing it for around six years, and feel like it’s finally nearly done.

It’s about a disturbed boy who ends up becoming obsessed with a past murder and the way in which this obsession transforms and destroys both him and certain people around him. Rather, I was completely engaged in the page.

The Long and the Short of IT!: #92 Two Brothers- Brian Evenson

Newer Post Older Post Home. I don’t think it’s changed so much over time as it’s something that shifts a little bit with each story. In your work, has the role of humor changed over time? Among other accolades, Evenson has received an O.

Retrieved 25 April Evenson layers these things in such a way to not make them lame or too critical, but rather perfectly shocking and impactful. He has also written non-fiction, and translated several books by French-language writers into English.