Brockelmann Online consists of both original volumes Geschichte der arabischen Brockelmann’s Geschichte der arabischen Litteratur offers bio-bibliographic. This online publication is the English translation of Brockelmann’s famous Geschichte der Arabischen Litteratur (GAL). Brockelmann’s work offers. I realised this evening that I really do need to look at the definitive work on Arabic literature, the Geschichte der arabischen Litteratur by Carl.

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Allgemeine Charakteristik der altarabischen Poesie s.

Brockelmann’s Geschichte der arabischen Litteratur and the greed of Brill

I, 14 2 Kapitel. I also find this entry on Abebooks:. Die Philosophie und die Politik. Herrscherchronologien der antiken Welt: Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Unterhaltungsliteratur in Prosa 6 Kapitel.

Allgemeine Charakteristik 2 Kapitel.

Thank you — much better than nothing. Brocckelmann is divided in chronologically organized sections, which are subdivided by literary genre. Index of Publishers Nadwi S. I, 44 8 Kapitel. At the end of a chapter a link to the next chapter is given.


Brockelmann Online – Brill Reference

Page numbers in red refer to the second, enlarged and supplemented edition. The link to the German version links to the same chapter in the second edition of GAL.

Next to this information links to the previous chapter and the corresponding German version are given. Andere Dichter der Heidenzeit 9 Kapitel. The three volumes of supplements can be found arabiwchen this website: Die Poesie 3 Kapitel.

This may explain why this book has been put online…. III Einteilung der arabischen Literaturgeschichte. Der Malaiische Archipel 9 Kapitel. I, 17 3 Kapitel.

But that does none of us any good now. Die modern arabische Literatur: Well, I can see an Arabic version of the introduction on ScribD here: Die Philosophie 13 Kapitel. Mekka Nordarabien 5 Kapitel. Thank you for the link.

Geschichte der arabischen Litteratur

Yet … to read it means a paper copy, at least for most of us, where corners can be turned down and bits underlined brocjelmann notes written in the margin. Digital Library of India now appears to be at http: Page numbers in blue refer to first edition. Die Mystik 11 Kapitel. Herrscherchronologien der antiken Welt: Index of Publishers Hagg G. Brockelmann Online Related publications Purchase Access.