Una novela crítica, divertida y reflexiva sobre la adicción, el consumismo y la soledad de la sociedad norteamericana, escrita con gran. Una novela crítica, divertida y reflexiva sobre la adicción, el consumismo y la soledad de la sociedad norteamericana, escrita con gran sabiduría y sentido del . La broma infinita (Spanish Edition) eBook: David Foster Wallace: : Kindle Store.

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There’s a reason the book is over a thousand pages – you’re crazy if you think Ibfinita going to even try to sum it up here.

Now I get that maybe my last review misrepresented, maybe it seemed like I was saying my problem was that I disagreed with Wallace and it is true on most of these issues I do. Mar 24, S.

Sooooo this book is considered a classic? Because the parts regarding depression or tragic moments or simple lazy days filled with everyday wisdom, I thought they were accomplished superbly. It doesn’t need to be satisfying in the sense of providing a neat resolution or anything like that, but there does need to be some kind of payoff for your faithful readers.

Timeline 5 17 Jul 13, I read this ten years ago time flies! A major part of my difficulty see the notes I made below as I was reading it was with the whole Quebec liberation subplot, which seemed both ludicrous and pointless. After a while, I just picked Infinite Jest from my bookshelf, which I didn’t remember about and wasn’t even considering at all since infknita had been there for a year, abandone I remember the day I started reading Infinite Jest ; it was a Sunday, a lazy one; I was trying to pick a light, new book for my next read, but my options narrow as they were all books that required much from me as a reader, books considered tough, dense books; but I had to pick one, since I didn’t feel like re-reading anything.

For me, they added to the bloat. This new approach helped a lot and I began to enjoy the book way more and just let it flow even though there still were parts hard to grasp, and characters waallace seemed liked outsiders from another book I was missing, and scenes that seemed totally out of place.


I can only surmise the effluence it exudes on me.

Jack Waters I named my car after the Peemster. I loved this book at times, other times I had to davd through, but overall it was a rewarding experience.

La broma infinita by David Foster Wallace (4 star ratings)

With nothing left to cling to but diversions, false meanings, blind goals and obsessive pursuits, entertainments and other narcotizing ways of coping — including drugs? This book is like a spaceship with no recognisable components, no rivets or bolts, no entry points, no way to take it apart.

They are fostre out of control. It’s not the literature of exhaustion, but it is bloody exhausting. I only read one short review of this book before I read the book or wrote this article. What does it mean to him, and what, if not happiness, is he attempting to gain from writing it? Not every moment needs to make it into the book, but a writer needs to fostr these “extra” moments in order to carefully select which will be showcased in the book itself. I hate that I so very much wanted to know how it ended, preventing me from abandoning it entirely.

Years are no longer numbered, but subsidized and named after corporations, further obscuring the temporal setting.

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The back and forth between the school and the rehab embody a game of tennis emblematic “system” used to davkd coming-of-age as well as the myriad needlepoint philosophies that go with it.

There was a Simpsons episode that had a character saying, “I read Atlas Shrugged, and I’ll never read again. Taken as it is, I was most disappointed by how the author viewed humans.

Instead of being a relief from what it fe David Foster Wallace worked surprising turns on nearly boma But a book like his, after getting through it, requires me to make some comment, even if no one will ever read it. Or maybe I’m wrong. But heaven forbid I ever read this book ever again.

I think of this book as an ouroboros that sometimes flows perfectly but often gags with itself out of gluttony, that being its only great fault. Ad accettare davif fatto che il Gioco riguarda la gestione della paura.


La broma infinita / Infinite Jest

The Clenette story, for instance, seems perfunctory. I knew part of my plan for the day was to get totally trashed on wine and finish Infinite Jest, which is mostly why I didn’t invite my brother over to celebrate the day with us.

See all 40 questions about La broma infinita….

As a novel, however, I think it’s a hugely ambitious, entertaining, sporadically brilliant failure. Where is the much-sought-after death-dealing Entertainment cartridge hidden? Quotes from La broma infinita. The novel deserves thinking about.

David Foster Wallace

The paraplegic assassins Les Assassins des Fauteuils Rollents are a wackier detour—like a cross between The Simpsons and like Ingmar Bergman—and for me, comprise the boring boggy bits where DFW wields banality as part of his grand stratagem for reinventing the novel.

Infinite Jest is one of those books that takes time to get it’s hooks fully into you, but when it does it’s hard not to be completely in thrall to it. It’s more like a stomach-level sadness. Generally in the institutional milieu of the tennis academy rather than the halfway house, not surprisingly. I watched some interviews while thinking about this book and what I found was Wallace says in regard to this book that the avant-garde has a responsibility to make a reader want to read the book.

There are many other examples of scenes I thought dissipated or deflated the book’s power. And given its length, it does not surprise me that many find it hard to criticize it after finding themselves the butt of the ha-ha comedy. No it remains the same. Putting aside all of the literary arguments, the thousands of mild references to just about anything that DWF thought might be fun to include in the book, or amazingly deep characterizations, Why does the ending make me so uncontrollably angry?

Flight from exactly what? I only wish this principle applied to my cooking.