The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon: With an Appendix Containing Based upon the classic work of Wilhelm Gesenius, the “father of modern. A Hebrew and English Lexicon of the Old Testament, more commonly known as It was based on the Hebrew-German lexicon of Wilhelm Gesenius, translated by Edward Robinson. The chief editor was Francis Brown, with the co-operation of. , English, Hebrew, Aramaic, Book edition: The new Brown-Driver-Briggs- Gesenius Hebrew and English lexicon: with an appendix containing the Biblical .

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Aramaic language — Dictionaries — English.

But the last revision of Robinson’s Gesenius was made inand Robinson died in They could not have been satisfied to pursue the course chosen by Professors Siegfried and Stade in excluding the etymological feature almost entirely from their lexicon.

Trinity Theological College Library. Prominent among these are Professor Hermann L. Charles Augustus This difficulty will diminish rapidly as students advance in knowledge, and by the practice of setting words formed by prefix or affix—or otherwise hard for the beginner to trace—a second time in their alphabetical place, with cross-references, it is hoped to do away with the difficulty almost entirely.

Arabic, ancient and modern, Ethiopic, with its allied dialects, Aramaic, in its various literatures and localities, have all yielded new treasures; while the discovery and decipherment of inscriptions from Oexicon and Assyria, Phoenicia, Northern Africa, Southern Arabia, and other old abodes of Semitic peoples, have contributed to a far more comprehensive and accurate knowledge of the Hebrew vocabulary in its sources and its usage than was possible forty or fifty years ago.

The present editors were authorized by them to undertake the work as a revision of that book.

Index:A Hebrew and English Lexicon (Brown-Driver-Briggs).djvu

Any further communications which may advance the cause of Hebrew scholarship, and promote a more thorough comprehension of the Old Testament Scriptures by supplying material for a possible future edition of the Lexicon, will be cordially welcomed.


They have also made free reference to Gesenius’s Hebrew Grammar, in the successive editions prepared by Professor Kautzsch, follower of Gesenius at Halle, and, sinceto the excellent English translation of this book made by Messrs. That the Editors have made use of the Thesaurus of Gesenius on every page, with increasing admiration for the tireless diligence, philological insight, and strong good sense of this great Lexicographer, and recognition of Robinson’s wisdom in allowing him to speak directly to English students by the admirable translation and editorship of the Lexicon Manualeneed not be further emphasized.

Such changes have been limited, almost wholly, to obvious misprints, and occasional errors in citation. Thanks are due to many scholars who have shown an interest in the work, and have contributed to its value by their suggestions. The results of Gesenius’s most advanced work were promptly put before English-speaking students.

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew Lexicon (BDB) – Biblical Dictionaries – Bible-Discovery Software

The Editors have, however, derived much benefit from the German work, and especially from the contributions to it of Professor Buhl and his co-labourers, Professors Socin and Zimmern. The language and text of the Old Testament have been subjected to a minute and searching inquiry before unknown.

Unfortunately the present Lexicon—with the exception of the Appendix—was almost entirely in type when the fourteenth edition appeared, and adequate use of its new material, especially its extensive references to current philological literature must be reserved for a later opportunity.

Public Private login e. All the critical commentaries, and a great number and variety of textual, topographical, and geographical works, with monographs and articles bearing on every possible aspect of Old Testament language, have been examined. In other languages Add links.

Brown–Driver–Briggs – Wikipedia

It is true that practical objections to it may be offered, but these do not appear convincing. This broad-minded, sound, and faithful scholar added to the successive editions of the book in its English form the newest materials and conclusions in the field of Hebrew word-study, receiving large and valuable contributions in manuscript from Gesenius himself, and, after the latter’s death, carefully incorporating into his translation the substance of the Thesaurusas its fasciculi appeared.


With reluctance it has been decided, for practical reasons, not to do so.

Lists What are lists? Be the first to add this to a list. A list of abbreviations was issued with Part I.

Insemitists Jo Ann Hackett and John Huehnergard received a National Endowment beiggs the Humanities grant to fund creation of a revised and updated electronic version of the BDB; the resulting Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon will be available through a website Semitica Electronica or via print-on-demand.

As to the arrangement of the work, the Editors decided at an early stage of their preparations to follow the Thesaurusand the principal dictionaries of other Semitic languages, in classifying words according to their stems, and not to adopt the purely alphabetical order which has been common in Hebrew dricer. Their most earnest care has not been able to exclude errors; the First Part, in particular, was printed under unfavourable conditions, and the driveg since the earlier Parts were issued have brought new knowledge at many points.

These 3 locations in South Australia: This page was last edited on 28 Augustat The lexical matter of Southern Arabia has been gathered from the Corpusfrom the inscriptions published by Osiander, M. The languages cognate with Hebrew have claimed the attention of specialists geeenius nearly all civilized countries.

These 12 locations in All: Professor Brown is responsible for all articles and parts of articles not included in the above statements, as well as for the arrangement of the book and the general editorial oversight. T HE need of a new Browm and English Lexicon of the Old Testament has been so long felt that no elaborate explanation of the appearance of the present work seems called for.