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Did yoo really enjoy it with hubby or were yoo picturing someone else in mind? Thank you for giving me these blessings Gong placed some ribbons on Cha earlier on I am very happy today.

I was waiting for you to be free ah. Are the candles too many?

Cross reference BSTC1026

I couldn’t help being curious because baby YOO looks cute while saying it. I miss baby YOO very much too whenever I see his pics or think about his work. International stock quotes are delayed as per exchange requirements. You cracked me up girl Is it the Btc ladies?


University of Idaho’s Guide For Transfer Students

No pics of GY on can lor. I nag you so many times already not to send goodies over to me liao, and you still send. You are already so and you must have exceeded my level by now. You want to take over her place?

My spy sister Lannie,obviously you got some training from the Yooswat with your ability bwtc spying,tsk tsk did my hubby hire you to do that? Promise i wont be blabbling over 60th and 6th again. Among everything in Japan, what gave you the deepest impression? So how can I be so discourtesy and not surface for a short while. That we won’t forget You can stop dreaming of marrying your daddy now. Happy drooling my dear. Don’t worry, we know you miss us as much as we miss you.

I am back reading and having great fun.

I’m afraid that baby YOO will not be able to concentrate on the game if our pompom girls distract him. By Mariposa28 Started October 27, Wait till halmoni bunbun showed you my assests. Those are really great moments in the house. I’m out of the house since Saturday but saw some posts of my dearest sisters last Sunday and yesterday and it made me stumble to death laughing out loud….


En el trastero

I hope all of you can continue to support me when I go back. In fact, based on internet survey, Gong Yoo top the survey list in “Most suitable Korean Star hstc wearing uniform. Yes, this is the one.

Wow, I am sure you can take good care of Princess Ariel ‘s baby crab next time. OC- thanks… expenses are piling up plus have to get rid of my PC virus!

I didn’t know such slogan exist in the house. I think most of us got excited yesterday over a soccer match.

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I didn’t know she can be so Posted June 8, You have have gotten used to the place by now right? Good monday evening YOOGals. Yes, I am a member.