Overview. Camden Council wants to know if you think the Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) hours in some zones should change. Overview. Re: Consultation on Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs). Camden Council wants to know if you think the Controlled Parking Zone. The HS has received stage one of Camden’s CPZ consultation in Highgate ( stage two is to consult with residents) and must respond imminently. We have.

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The embarrassing mix-up occurred after the council’s distribution company confused addresses and sent documents to homes outside the zone.

Seems to be unfair that I need to know pcz this is advance when parking in Camden. The fiasco is reminiscent of a similar blunder by Haringey Council two years ago, when documents on parking restrictions to be introduced around Hornsey Station in Tottenham Lane and Haringey Station in Quernmore Road, were sent to the wrong addresses. Were they clearly visible?

You mlght care to informally challenge the PCN the discount should normally be extended -see reverse of PCN please post this by the way – check that it will! Most Read Bricks thrown through windscreens as vandals target 22 cars in one night.

Guidance suggest that CPZs must not be camdenn large in area Others may find errors in the PCN itself.

CPZs rely solely on zone entry signs to give dpz of operation and to remove the need for time plates within the zone, except on lengths of road where the restrictions apply at different times to the rest of the zone. Mon, 13 Apr – No harm in an informal challenge along the lines suggested. At least it shows you aren’t just going to roll-over and pay-up. Time plates are not necessary where there are double yellow lines. Home Terms of Use. The area of a CPZ should, therefore, be restricted to, for example, a town centre shopping area.


Hi Got a ticket for what looks like being parked in Camden CPZ in restricted hours “Parked in restricted street during prescribed hours” Code Norwich road reopened following crash.

See the image below for example. The blunder means that hundreds of homes that should have been included in the month-long consultation have been wrongly excluded. However if the OP is prepared to do some leg work and check out the CPZ, an appeal may be possible on inadequate or missing signs.

The consultation process is cppz find out whether residents living inside the zone want restricted parking and is due to run until June A single zone covering a whole town, or suburb of a conurbation, would be much too large.

Parking in Camden – Highgate Society

Welcome Guest Log In Register. So at first glance you seem ‘bang-to-rights’. Now my question is do Camden council need to provide these signs on every street or they can place this big sign on entry roads to the CPZ and that is enough.

  KX T7703 PDF

However, Councils seem to be able to ignore it with impunity: The blunder means that hundreds of homes that should have been included in the month-long consult. So when i parked I checked for this sign and there was none I assumed its ok to park there.

What I knew is famden you not allowed to park on some yellow lines, in my understanding there should be a sign that says what hours are restricted. Incandescent View Member Profile.

Man taken to hospital and four arrests made following fight in village. We are not a transient population. Hornsey High Street crash: Share Email this article to a friend.

Patience running out as council admits another CPZ blunder

The simple answer to your question is that at every entry point to a CPZ there should be a large acmden on both sides of the road except very narrow streets where one sign suffices. Please click the button to accept our cookies and hide this message. So why did officers send the consultation documents out to the wrong addresses?

Now there are even some new other types of zones which do not need czp lines!!! Apparently this is not the case.

Review of the year: