Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell returns to familiar fixations in 4 Blondes – getting laid and getting rich. Blonde AmbitionCandace Bushnell created a sensation with her first book, Sex and the City, spawning an HBO series that has become a. Have a cocktail and read Candace Bushnell.” —Karen Karbo, The Oregonian ” Four Blondes is a punchy cluster of stories about sex, looks, money, more sex.

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When I think back and try to recall all 4 of the ladies names and their stories, I honestly cannot remember the 4th one without a memory jog from the back cover.

4 Blondes, by Candace Bushnell

You can read this book in approximately 3 hours and be none the wiser. Also, Candace Bushnell takes every opportunity to weight shame.

buhnell I picked it up in a charity shop so many years ago because of the author and it was just terrible, I mean I was really young but still I was young enough the realise how self absorbed these characters are and how dull this book was as well.

I finally followed the 50 page rule, where if it’s not good by the first 50 pages, dump it. It is fine book if you look at it as whole, but when you try to take it in to the pieces and think about it too much it started to be dull and over cliched. Candace Bushnell of Sex and the City fame has written a book that glondes either disgusting in its skewed portrayal of vapid, mindless, and spiritually bankrupt women or genius in its cadace and ironic take on selfsame. Winnie’s husband James has the hots blonde Winnie’s younger fandace, Evie, a screwed up, sexually loose young woman who dreams of being a successful journalist.

Jul 13, Carol Storm rated it bsuhnell it. I’m glad there was that point of clarity sticking through at the end, though. I wish for the life of me I could have one positive remark on anything but truthfully this book is horrendous. Feb 21, Madeline Lund rated it really liked it.

The second story I could not stand all the parentheses and the third story the intitials bothered me also The narrative shifts smoothly between a detached, almost mocking perspective ‘Here are a few of the things they agree on: Feb 27, Emily rated it did not like it Shelves: I’m going with the former. That she can elicit sympathy and indeed empathy for these characters is testament to her skill as a writer, particularly her gift for brilliantly waspish dialogue.


Short stories are not as easy as they might seem. She almost fools herself into thinking that she’s something, that she has love, but then he shows up with his wife and Janey goes back to being the Janey that we got to know at first–she doesn’t really show any emotion, she recedes into her selfish behaviors and fools herself into thinking that she might do something–anything–someday and be famous, rich.

Janey has issues, a lot of them, and yes, as I said, she is selfish, but all of Bushnell’s characters are complex, even if not directly. Vlondes problem is that Candice still doesn’t know how to write. I wouldn’t even let my dog read this book. Not to mention these four characters are unexceptionally flawed, some are lazy, do not want to work and wanna depend on their lover’s filthy money to sustain them through the summers, or some are tremendously hard-working and egotistic about their jobs and constantly dominating their husbands and criticizing their jobs or some love to act paranoid candsce some is desperate to settle for less.

Even after all this time I read this one a long time agoI still can remember clearly all the charac After absolutely hating Sex and the City, I was quite sceptic about this novel. I picked it up at a garage sale for a quarter because I enjoy “chick-lit”, and Sex and The City was a hit show, I thought the author would at least have something worthwhile.

This isn’t the expected tale of a grasping, gold digger who gets her comeuppance. I’m fine with unlikeable characters. The choice of vocabulary is simple; I did not have to consult the dictionary, for formal or colloquial words. Definitely do not recommend. Lists with This Book. I did not enjoy it what-so-ever I love sex in the city or sex and the city whatever universe your from, so I gave this a go.

Also, you see an element of the lady that Bushnell may actually be in her real life in almost all of the stories. Not only are they selfish they are a downright disgusting portrayal of women! Maybe a short story would be more up her alley As Janey makes her way through a long list of eligible and some not so eligible men, she is forced to realize that she alone is responsible for making her dreams come true. First, you need treat Four Blondes as an independent book and not a byproduct of a writer of a hit TV series.

In this hard-nosed, hard-bodied New York society, wobbly thighs can mean the end of the world – or at least of a relationship or a career, which amounts to the same thing.


Detailed Review Summary of 4 Blondes by Candace Bushnell

I’m just so confused and appalled by what I just read. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Yes, we are the city bhshnell loves money, hot careers, and hard to get into restaurants but we do have a heart. And when he doesn’t seem perfect, she can’t handle it and he can’t handle being criticized and at the end, he has sex with some chick that works with his wife and Winnie sleeps with a movie star, Tanner, because it’s freeing.

Nov 26, Matimate rated it liked it Shelves: So their relationship frailly goes on existing because neither one of them knows how to properly communicate with one another and it’s just really sad.

After experiencing lackluster relationships in London, the woman heads back to New York city, only to buwhnell the love of her life sitting next to her on the plane.

Boys like to take advantage of girls who are not pretty because boys know the girl is desperate for attention.

If people do talk about it and they don’t always, in which case he’s scared that he’s not a great journalisthe’s scared that he won’t be able to pull it off again. Janey is a sometime model who is looking to become rich and famous. Janey’s only concrete talent is her ability to slink into the affections of a man with a large summer house in the Hamptons, where she will be invited to spend the season as his mistress.

While I might not become friends with any of these women if I candae them in person, Bushnell has the ability to make me feel sadness for what these girls have to endure. Jun 24, Kelly rated it did not like it Shelves: This article is about the novel by Candace Bushnell.

Being good-looking is part of mastering the world.

In Bushnell’s mind, all blonde haired women are either beautiful or whorish. It’s about 4 stupid women who make ridiculous choices and live lives consumed by This book doesn’t even deserve one star.

This book is missing heart, substance, and whatever else that gives you a compelling urge to flip the pages to find out more. Sex and the City was and still is such a massive hit that audiences use it as the totem pole to measure everything that Candace Bushnell writes.