Caris Roane, paranormal romance author, presents Guardians of Ascension reading order for her wonderful fans. Paranormal Romance Author Caris Roane presents Ascension, a paranormal romance book and Guardians of Ascension Book One. Ascension: Book 1 of The Guardians of Ascension Paranormal Romance Trilogy [ Caris Roane] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Most of the novel was taken up by the two main characters’ musings on how much they wanted to shag each other.

I can name them and give brief traits about them, but for all the length of the story, I would have liked a better integration of them in the narrative than I saw. Kerrick and Alison are a great couple, and I enjoyed following their relationship over the course of this story. A clear case of caveman possessiveness We also have a head who rules above them, and in ascensioon case she is a kick ass cars about years old,lol, what’s not to love??

Caris Roane – Wikipedia

Ms Roane has done an excellent job of creating this amazing world. The other warriors in very present in the story and the author also gave a peek to who may be the next mate for a couple of them.

The quality of the writing itself was truly awful: The world wasn’t explained enough, the “rules” didn’t make sense. He needed what he needed. Kerrick is occasionally assigned to guard people who are ascending.

Just when Alison thinks things can’t get worse Dark Flame — 3 Flame Series. Be sure to look for your welcome letter which has the link to your free e-book! Want to Read saving…. asension

This had some metaphysical aspects that appealed to me as a person with interest in the ethereal and the scientific. Published December 28th by St. When a beautiful fae-slave, Sandra, tells him to carris, he begins to believe his life could have more meaning… For Buy Links and to Read More… Caris Roane is the New York Times bestselling author of thirty-seven paranormal romance books.


I also lik 3. I imagine winged warriors fighting in the air with kilts on, and people below them looking up their skirts!!! But the breh-hedden has struck and her light floral scent tears at his restraint.

Love in the Fortress: I know I will love Marcus next but for now I have to put it off because Archangel’s Legion is out and no one outranks Raphael!! We just know the more ascended you are, the most angelic the plot becomes. The dialogue is the worst, with lots of phony sounding tough talk. It wasn’t explained how the human race relates to the vampire races. But I think it’s intentional foundation laying for the series.

I didn’t know it was possible to combine these two cliches so completely, but this author managed to surprise me. Each one had to go further into depth about their feelings, desires, disapointments etc.

Born with super-natural powers, she can never make love to a man without putting him in grave danger.

Guardians of Ascension Series

Bottom roae, all of the concepts are B-movie quality at best. I’m like, bitch please I would for sure read this again! Gerrod, mastyr vampire of the Merhaine Realm, never thought to have his blood-needs satisfied by a mere human. But it’s definitely holding my attention, which doesn’t happen often. There is a book on the table before her.

Not because I liked the book, but because I had been determined to finish the thing so as to write an honest review. Things began badly when the lovely man mentioned in the summary of the novel was actually an evil vampire come to kill the heroine who was killed a few paragraphs after uttering the noteworthy sentence, “Your blood belongs to me”. These pretty boys that ascensoin their superior strength and beauty from drinking a mortal to death, are easily spotted due to their pale skin, good looks and black wings.

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There are multiple dimensions including Mortal Earth and Earth Two.

Ascension – Caris RoaneCaris Roane

Funny enough, the first thing I did when I finished was read a few reviews and every single one of them mentioned that. She’s never been able to have a normal relationship with a man due to her abilities and how volatile they can be. I spent this entire book so confused that I checked multiple times to be sure I hadn’t missed something and that this really was the first book in the series. Battling always helped, always took some of the strain from his neck.

For more information about my books, keep scrolling! For Buy Links and to Read More. For one thing, the heroine is given an incomprehensible number of super powers. It helps that they have this thing between them – kind of like they’re fated to be together. After a rather slow, frustrating read, with some moments of brilliance that spurred me on to keep reading, I can say I liked this book, but I did not love it.

We have that amazing camaraderie between warriors, that one which makes as laugh and love them so much.

Guardians of Ascension

How long had he been here? Typos, awkward wording, abrupt and frequent shifts in POV, one and two word sentences, needless repetition. To share his blood…satisfy his carls seal their fates forever. The attraction was perfectly managed because while they needed to be together and recognized they were destined to mate they still tried to avoid it as it could only end bad.