X / X X / X / X X / X 1. INTRODUCTION. This guide has been prepared for the operator of Carrier Transicold. Carrier Refrigeration Operation – Imprimй en France . XARIOS STARTING WITH SERIAL NUMBER PB XARIOS Agent for Zepro, Tail lifts, Del Tail lifts and Carrier refrigeration Systems for vans, XARIOS Carrier-XariosLCVjpg Carrier-Xarios

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Air temperature in the box change rapidly, but it takes time for the product temperature to change. Compressed air or water may be used as a cleaning agent.

Error A26 whit Xarios

With condenser closing solenoid option. During the starting mode, the motor speed increases continuously from 0 to rpm in 30 seconds for 12V unit and 12 seconds for 24V unit.

With a vacuum still in the unit, the refrigerant charge may be drawn into the system from a refrigerant container on weight scales. NOTE Adding a partial charge a.

Error A26 whit Xarios Send me a email and I will get you what you need. Start-up and control of box temperature D On the power network: The readings which we specify for Carrier Transicold units are applicable only xatios our belts and application, as the tension is dependent on the size of the belt and distance between sheaves.

Connect switch to a cylinder of dry nitrogen see Figure d. As with most liquified gases, contact with the rapidly volatilizing liquid can cause frostbite to any tissue. The standby fuses have not blown. Horse power Operating amps g.


MPN3225 SKIN CARRIER® XARIOS® 150 / 200 (MRD-58-60662-02)

This area must be clean to ensure positive bulb xariod. TXV bulb clamp 3. The controller card and cab command must never be repaired by the driver! Ensure the unit will not restart. Should a problem develop with these components, contact your nearest Carrier Transicold dealer for replacement.

D that it is impossible for the unit to automatically start up during maintenance. The A26 fault code indicates that HGS2 coil is faulty not the valve itself.

See the technical information sheets for the recommended quantities and types of oil. D Check the operation of the cab command. Standby supply fuse a 3.

Refrigeration Unit CARRIER Xarios (12V ; Ra) ; NEW

Front seat the receiver valve. Open the vacuum pump and electronic vacuum gauge valves, if they are not already open. This operation is to test the evacuation setup for leaks, repair if necessary. This not only precludes the possibility of ESD damage, but also lowers the possibility of physical damage to the electronic components. Liquid line fitting Hot gas line fitting Suction line fitting Orifice 9. Diode rectifier assembly Condenser Sight glass Filter drier 5.

Shut off the vacuum pump. I’m sorry but the model is Xarios and the only circuit pattern that I have found is here trasportiatp. Press SET for 5 seconds: Note the temperature of the suction gas at the expansion valve bulb. Consult glove manufacturer to determine appropriate type glove material for 10 application.


Excessive temperature on moto compressor or standby motor winding Overload relay Electronic relay O. The driver can display the box temperature, and see whether the set-point is being maintained by checking the green indicator. The liquid enters than to the thermostatic expansion valve with external pressure equalizer which regulates the flowrate of refrigerant towards the xarioss in order to obtain maximum use of the evaporator heat transfer surface.

Bottom cover Return air xario Right side cover Starting valve Expansion valve This dust could prevent a good contact between the brushes and collector. Control pressure switch HP2 This will prevent any movement of the setting screw due to vibrations in the unit.

Use refrigerant that the unit calls for. Connecting charger in reverse will destroy the rectifier carrisr in alternator. The digital display of the cab command displays the box temperature.