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ISO compliant citation record: There is a questionnaire, which had helped to define the level of customers satisfaction.

Thesis is divided into three parts. At the end of the second part of the thesis there are briefly summarized revealed problems, which negatively influence the food and beverage department activity.

These proposals are derived from the results of the research and are focused on spa resorts in general. Third part includes suggestions to resolve problems that are revealed in the analytic part …more less.

For information about master file formats, see Supported export formats. Theoretical part consists of hotel restaurant essence description, definition of cassti positions and other theoretical casi for successful restaurant activity. Select a range in a project in the timeline or in a clip in the browser.


The File Manager is not fully functional without JavaScript enabled. Theses on a related topic List of theses with an identical keyword. Main aim of thesis is to research a food and beverage department of particular hotel, to reveal problematic sections of the restaurant and to suggest solutions for improvement in the quality of the catering service. The theoretical part is oriented to explain the basic concepts, with which we work in the next part.


Bachelor thesis deals with the analysis of spa services in France and modern tendencies in this area. Theses on a related topic List of theses with an identical keyword.

Archive of Thesis/Dissertation Irena Sklenářová BIVŠ BANK OMP

Institute of Hospitality Management in Prague. Go to top Current date and time: Go to top Current date and time: Browse this folder after logging filetypee the System provided you have an IS password, you can have more files displayed here.

At the bottom of the window, view information about the file that will be exported, including frame size and frame rate, audio channels and sample rate, duration, output file type, and file size. Your browser does not have JavaScript enabled! The following are allowed to read the file s: To view the compatible devices, move the pointer over the Compatibility icon in the lower-right corner. Second part is based on analysis of the food and beverage department of Pratol hotel, where accommodation section is briefly described and analysis of the food and beverage department follows after.

To export roles as separate video, title, audio, or caption tracks in the output media file, click Roles at the top of the Share window, then specify the roles to export. For more information, see Manage chapter markers and their thumbnail images.


The theoretical part includes a literature review and analysis of the major spa regions in France and offers of medical and wellness services. ISO compliant citation record: At the end of the analytical part we evaluate the results of the questionnaire survey.

Name of file annotation. For more information, see Share roles as files. When transcoding is complete, a notification appears. Institute of Hospitality Management in Prague. For some destinations, you can foletype view a list of devices that will play the exported file.

Diminutives in Czech and Macedonian Language

Institute of Hospitality Management in Prague. Name of file keywords. Name of file annotation. There is a SWOT analysis to evaluate a menu, and the total amount of sold meals during and April Do one of the following: The main aim of this final work is to determine which of the selected hotels offers for the seniors the widest range of additional services.