Request PDF on ResearchGate | Castillo-Morales’ Orofacial Therapy: Infants with Down syndrome often present with a typical orofacial disorder, the features. Early intervention methods employing the combination of Castillo-Morales Manual Orofacial Therapy and his specially designed palatal plate, can improve . PDF | Since Castillo-Morales developed the Orofacial Regulation Therapy for children with Down syndrome in the mid s, close.

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This retrospective study examines the outcome of therapy, as prescribed by Castillo-Morales, in 39 children with Down syndrome. A systematic review of animal studies.

Prevalence and risk factors of root resorption of adjacent teeth in maxillary canine impaction, among untreated children and adolescents. The design of the stimulator varied according to the type of cerebral palsy, as well as the individual course of therapy.

The Castillo-Morales approach to orofacial pathology in Down syndrome.

Supporting the ability of the patients to communicate. In Germany, first of all instruction was given in various courses in the two parts of the concept, neurological motoric development therapy and orofacial regulation therapy.

Lymphogranuloma venereum presenting as an ulcer on the tongue.

Congenital absence of germinal epithelium of testes Lip structure Stimulation motivation. In his concept of treatment Castillo Morales therefore focused in particular on the following therapeutic aspects: Most users should sign in with their email address. The research of Dr. Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic.


The Castillo-Morales approach to orofacial pathology in Down syndrome.

You could not be signed in. Claudine Amiel-Tison and Dr.

Citations Publications citing this paper. Don’t have an account? Castillo Morales developed his concept of treatment primarily for people with muscular hypotonia and sensomotoric impairments. Birth prevalence and initial treatment of Robin sequence in Germany: He was always prepared to allow colleagues to observe his methods and to answer any questions they micht have. Motoric activities in the mouth and at the tongue can also be favourably influenced by activating the hands or feet.

Their special way of behaving to each other, their mutual respect and their respect towards nature had a caxtillo effect on him, leading him to concern himself throughout his life extensively with Latin American anthropology.

Internal and External Communication and Co-operation The basis of our interaction with other people is esteem, trust, candour and a constructive approach to resolving conflicts.

We place particular value on supporting the patient in achieving to the highest degree possible autonomy and participation in everyday life. Sign in via your Institution Sign in.

Castillo-Morales’ orofacial therapy: treatment of 67 children with Down syndrome.

Therapy of orofacial dysfunctions in cerebral palsy according to Castillo-Morales: Citing articles via Google Scholar. Minimal incision palatoplasty with or without muscle reconstruction in patients with isolated cleft palate—a cephalometric study at 5 and 10 years. In his youth he was active as a mime in the theatre and also as an artist, reflecting his general interest in the various methods of communication with other people.

The official Ororacial in German language.


Castillo-Morales’ orofacial therapy: treatment of 67 children with Down syndrome.

There has been a continual further development of the concept, first of all with the considerable support of Dr. From This Paper Topics from this paper. Close mobile search navigation Article navigation. Don’t already have an Oxford Academic account? The primary pathology includes hypotonicity of the perioral muscles, lips, and masticatory muscles and a protruding tongue, later followed by active tongue protrusion.

The orofacial sensory-motor functions were evaluated by a neuropaediatric examination before and after treatment An improvement in spontaneous tongue position and coordination of tongue movement, food intake, speech development and drooling was noted in at least one half of the cases.

Limbrock; Therapy of orofacial dysfunctions in cerebral palsy according to Castillo-Morales: In an anamnestic dialogue and the subsequent results his strengths are determined and named before individual objectives can be set for the programme of work.

Also in the case of people with neurological or anatomically based functional defects these abilities are often adversely affected. Showing of 21 extracted citations.

According to the principle “function and form interact upon each other” it is necessary to correct malformations as soon as possible, for example secondary malformations of the hard palate or tooth and jaw misalignments caused by primary orofacial functional defects.