Castle Drachenfels is a ruined fortress located high in the Grey Mountains, which form the border between The Empire and Bretonnia. For centuries the castle. So they added it as a cosmetic on the map But what are the chances of Drachenfels ever being in the game?. Welcome to Castle Drachenfels. This Warhammer Fantasy. Roleplay adventure allows you to explore the grim fortress of the Great Enchanter from Jack Yeovil’s.

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Drachenfels – 1d4chan

Imagine if you mixed the classic mustache and goatee twirling depiction of Satan in a business suit with Dracula, and threw him in the Warhammer Fantasy Battle universe.

Drachenfels was defeated, and the greenskins driven back to his castle.

He hired the now adult and kung fu master Drachenels, who had become a bar wench in Altdorf, along with a few other no-name adventurers a dwarven warrior with a grudge, a brigand leader lured with the fastle of a pardon, and an insane assassin woman to travel with him to Castle Drachenfels and put the monster down for good.

The Old Ones could have done the latter, and then moved their experimented humans batch to pre-Nehekara.


Drachenfels can be considered the Vandal Savage to Drachsnfels Darkseid. Considering it was just after the Warp Gates collapsing, it could be possible due to the fact that we have no knowledge as to how powerful the chaos gods were at that time, dracjenfels may have ruled the warp already but that doesn’t automatically mean that they were as powerful as we know them to be by the time of the “End times”.


The production was hindered by many spooky incidents, not the least of which was the eccentric behavior of the actors. Disturbingly, the Poisoned Feast is still set up The heroes put down the Skaven, although nothing else of note was found within.

For centuries the castle was the stronghold of Constant Drachenfelsthe Great Enchanter. Genevieve and the director of the play, Detlef Sierck, were blessed by Sigmar and dealt a killing blow to Drachenfels again.

Rather than having a direct goal like taking over the world, destroying the Empire, consuming the Warp, and so on Drachenfels has never sought specific ends. Regardless, his fortress was finally razed to the ground on Franz’s command.

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Drachenfels was counted among their number, and after becoming sick while in old age he was left out in the wilderness to die. This page was last modified on 15 Decemberat Please help us by finding, confirming, and inserting official sources at the proper places. Views Read Edit View history.

Castle Drachenfels – Official Vermintide Wiki

The second Grimoire is located in a room on the opposite side of the drop down to the statue event. The plot was foiled only in the last moment; the castle was later razed to the ground. Once the nobles were incapacitated he had the nobles’ children tortured to death within earshot of them and mocked them by slowly and nonchalantly eating food in front of them before leaving the paralyzed nobles to starve to death, a constant feast being brought out and ddachenfels in front of them.

In fact, this petty dickery actually screws him and Vlad von Carstein over, because it disrupts their takeover so much that it makes Balthasar Gelt come to see why things are acting odd in the area they’ve conquered the guards in the area weren’t reporting in.


Nagash indeed drachentels taken the role of Drachenfels as a mortal undead tied into the backstory of the Empire, who is a threat to every single faction in the game. Yeah, that’s a pretty glaring example of being a Villain Sue. After retrieving the artifact the heroes escape through a trap door followed by an escape route with closing gates which lead to a skaven breach.

From here, he launched attack after attack at the races of the mortal world using all the armies of Destruction, as each submitted to him as a superior being. Vermintide 2 content can be found at the Vermintide 2 Wiki. The faces he likes cadtle most are preserved with magic, and he wears them to go amongst the mortal races of the world in disguise.

Castle Drachenfels

He feigned death by exposure, and when one of his tribe came close he somehow unknown even to himself managed to kill the man and absorbed his life energy keep in mind this is before Chaos entered the world, and thus there’s no deus ex machina you can use through them here.

A group of adventurers managed to enter the castle’s library in ICwith disastrous results [1]. It was nevertheless possible for a small group to sneak into the castle. In the game The End Times: Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Cashle view.