Please note that north is indicated on the maps (two maps, because of their size and aspect, have been rotated to better fit the constraints of this book). However. This is the third expansion to the Castle of the Mad Archmage megadungeon adventure. In this adventure, the characters are catapulted to a. Castle of the Mad Archmage is a lot of fun, let’s get that out in the open first. It’s a big layer cake maze of monsters and treasures and tricks and.

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Benjamin Morley September 9, at A hand-crafted, limited print edition, one of one hundred signed and numbered copies. It contributes to the ” Dungeon Robber ” feel some sections have – I’ll risk another room and wait for my random punishment or reward for doing so. We’re saying yes, mostly because it’s fun to laugh on a Friday night with Tenkar and the others. Is there a clown theme in the dungeon that we can learn from, interact with, or something?

Some of the rooms feel like playing death dice – 1d6, on a 1 you die, on a 6 you get treasure.

Reading the last “encounter” sort of explains the place. I just didn’t see the Dude’s rug, and was thinking it must just be me. Post as a guest Name.

I suppose the dungeon is leaving a lot of this up to the GM. This would only cause a delay in completion. This is especially true given that it attempts a truly Herculean task, conjuring up the archetypal superdungeon that was so long anticipated, but which, sadly, we’ll never see in the form its creator intended. With COTMA the drive is merely to drive to keep arcgmage and leveling, not level in the quest to do more things in the game world. However, something of CotMA’s size and complexity needs exactly what you say: This he was successful in, but still the party were able to slaughter the bugbears thf they reached their main chamber, only to find it empty.


It’s clearly emulating the very old school feel and stories of Gary Gygax’s Castle Greyhawkwhich came about organically and somewhat randomly, not with an eye to a coherent whole: Email Required, but never shown. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Aside from sending in sacrificial prisoners and waiting to see what happens, it feels like we’re just betting castoe characters that we’ve randomly selected a room that isn’t a deathtrap or trick to try and open.

We could eventually conquer it with enough rolls on 1d6 we have three regulars with STR 17, by coincidence but to what end? How about the maze hte doors? The key was to make the encounter fun. In this adventure, the characters are catapulted to a parallel dimension called Thr where musical instruments are alive, people speak in musical notes, and the King of Instruments produces melodies that embody the Platonic ideal of music itself. Dell’Orto September 9, at Shipping outside of the US will be billed separately.

It’s dangerous, for sure.

Castle of the Mad Archmage

Ships to Anywhere in the world. Skip to main content. The most likely risk is a delay in receiving the artwork. That leader happened to be a barbarian from the Northlands according to the adventure. Support Select this reward.

Castle of the Mad Archmage: Musicland by BRW Games, LLC — Kickstarter

That hexcrawl has no reason or rhyme for me at leastjust a bunck of random encounters. They were greeted with one archmagee the details in Castle of the Mad Archmage that elevates it lf being something really worth running: Any possibility you’d mind editing in a link to some information on the release just to make it more informative? By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. This is a truly unique opportunity to get a bit of OSR gaming history.


Or at least give’s DM a “cause” to tie it all together. Unfortunately, it rolled extremely badly and was slain by the party without inflicting any damage. I truly castoe this post.

The reason for that is that often our group has gotten entirely too big for me to handle it on my own, so some of the other players have volunteered to DM for a session.

I’d rather have it all done and explained, so I can either run with that or change it. What’s more, there was an impetus to clear the dungeon and complete the quest, because, well, we were the ones there and it damn well needed to be done. It should at least be clear to the GM what the big picture is, and what the little pieces there might be there for.

Estimated delivery Aug However, this lacking detail in the Monster Mar is pretty standard Gygax. I’d like to see some examples that I could either use as written or just use as a basis for inspiration. What I felt like we had some of in the converted DCC modules was a nice bit of tension and the feeling that we were messing with stuff we might not come off well from messing with. ToEE is a good example. Check out the FAQ. A lot of the traps and dangerous archmxge felt like they pop up without warning, so there isn’t anything useful to do to avoid them.