Parajumbles are one of the most important topics of CAT exam. In the following post, we have given 25 questions of Parajumbles Set – 1 for. Para Jumbles Test Directions for questions 1 to Sentences given in each question, when properly .. Find more CAT PARA JUMBLES QUESTIONS @. Para Jumbles or sentence arrangement is a very important topic for CAT. Ace the questions on Para jumbles by learning these simple tips & tricks.

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There are possible combinations for a five-sentence para-jumble question and any given combination will make an iota of sense for sure. Statement C tells the resultso it should come after option A.

Para Jumbles:Test-1 – CAT @ Wordpandit

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The second was a spectacular, huge skylight in a shopping complex in Brazil. Sentence 4 which elaborates on the self healing must follow sentence 5.

The stories we tell reflect the world around us.

Statement B is in continuation with option C telling about the results. Got a discount code? We see that options 1 and 3 have link DB in them. Lokendra on February 20, at Similarly, 3, 2 also form a pair as both talk about selections.

The implications of retelling of Indian stories, hence, takes on new meaning in a modern India.


Statement C explains the kind of worry the author has in option B. Verbal Ability — Parajumbles — Q3: Test-3 Sentence Completion Level Know where you stand in Para Jumbles. Senetence 2 states why in its natural form nitrogen is unusable and sentence 1 further elaborates on why nitrogen must undergo transformation for plants to use it.

Sentence 1 which concludes the topis of discussion must be the ending sentence. Statement B answers the question asked in opening sentence and it is preferred over Statement D starts with “For Them “, them here means Analysts about which the author talks quesitons option B. The next thing that you actually need to do is to establish connections between various statements.

Para Jumbles For CAT With Out Options – TITA Questions – Cracku

While, sentence 4 elaborates on what if we get the stories quite right. Yes No Already Enrolled. In its aerial form nitrogen is insoluble, unusable and is in need of transformation. Even those who are employed often come late to the office and leave early unless they are forced to be punctual.

The study suggests that the disease did not spread with such intensity, but that it may have driven human migrations across Europe and Asia. The process of handing down implies not a passive transfer, but some contestation in defining what exactly is to be handed ccat. Historically, stained glass was almost entirely reserved for ecclesiastical spaces.


Parajumbles Questions and Answers for CAT Exam

This pzrajumbles huge implications for the health care system as it operates today, where depleted resources and time lead to patients rotating in and out of doctor’s offices Verbal Ability — Parajumbles — Q2: Read English News Paper like Hindu.

It is now a truism to say that traditions are not handed down unchanged, but are invented. Go through suestions following set of sentences labeled A to F:. As a basic introduction for these questions, we all know that these questions consist of parajmubles set of sentences, each labeled with a letter. Once in office, they receive friends and relatives who feel free to call any time without prior appointment. TinTin on June 17, at Sentence 3 makes a point that placebo effect is not solely based on believeing in treatment but also the clinical setting.

Therefore, ADBF is a link. In other words, what worries me is that Bill Clinton could exhibit a version of what George Bush used to refer to as Big Mo.

Sentence 5 elaborates on sentence 2.