Cataphoresis painting is a process to increase corrosion resistance of exterior surface of the goods. It’s a electro coating process based on electrochemistry. Cataphoresis means application of paint by an electro-phoresic method, whereby Appropriate anti-corrosive basic surface treatment for powder coating colors. Cataphoresis Treatment. (Cationic Electro Deposition of Paint / Electro Coating). The process of cataphoresis is a electtro deposition of paint in.

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I ask the question as the salt tests we perform on our parts before painting are abnormally high. Cataphoresis is a process of electro coating metals to get a high resistance to atmospheric agents. Cataphoresis paint is water-based paint. Hello everybody, I’m doing a bit of research about e-coating processes and I still don’t understand why all the suppliers I can find only provide black or white cataphoresis.

Products are located in the sub-region of the vehicles with no visual contact and they are described as a safety piece. I wanted to know what is basic difference between Cataphoresis and E – coating.

This coatkng consisting of oil-removal and rinse tanks where negative structures such as oil film, welding powders,dust on the piece are removed.

Cataphoresis Coating – Lehmann Kataforez

Within low amount of chemical waste and low operational cost, This system makes it much more convenient and attractive to environmental conditions. I would like to know whether after Catophoretic treatment Liquid Finish Painting can be done OR whether only powder cataphkresis can be applied? Furthermore, I have seen that cataphoresis is a good primer. Accept Disable Cookies Cookie Policy. Teknorot is the first aftermarket manufacturer in Turkey to apply this process in house.


It is disposed of by recycling it back to the treatment plant. E-coat is shorthand for electrophoretic coating. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cataphoretic coating

June “Handbook of Electropainting Technology” by W. How is it applied?

It is most widely used for primer coating on all automobiles which then go in for liquid spray painting. The work piece can be either cathodic in which case the coating may be called cataphoretic, cathodic electrodeposition, or CED or anodic in which case the process may be called xoating.

Cleaning and phosphating is essential in obtaining the desired finish.

Cataphoretic coating | Silga Spa

Try to contact the e-coat association. I am associated with a manufacturer of steel wire. Epoxy, polyester, and probably other CED coatings are available. It is the resin that gives the final paint treatment the anti-corrosion protection. Regards, Ted Mooney, P.

Cataphoresis coating consolidates and reinforces the quality of the product we offer our customers. Our company is one of the pioneer organizations in India for painting systems.


Is cataphoresis process likely to leave chloride ions on the coated parts’ surface? The issue is that subsequent coatings can only get full adhesion onto clean parts. We are very proud of our quality and depth of range. We are a Italian Company, our production is automating systems for door opening. Catwphoresis it be due to the bath which should be electrically charged?

To minimize your searching efforts and to offer multiple viewpoints, we’ve combined some threads into the dialog you’re viewing.

A customer has asked us about KTL, or cataphoretic painting. Cataphoresis represents one of the most progressive production technologies of application of basic paints with a high degree of corrosion protection of metals. It’s common to call the coatings electrophoretic lacquer when they serve as a final finish. So can it be any paint, or does it have to be a specific one?

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