The first book in Catherine Coulter’s beloved Bride series. Douglas Sherbrooke, Earl of Northcliffe, marries the wrong woman-only to find himself haunted by a. In a display of what poses as wit in this Regency novel, the first of a trilogy, Douglas Sherbrooke, Earl of Northcliffe, tells his wife Alexandra that she is “as. The complete series list for – Sherbrooke Brides Catherine Coulter. Series reading order, cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history.

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He’s getting old, you know, 29, and the pressure is on. Aug 06, Pamela AllHoney rated it it was ok Shelves: Great Story, But the Hero is a Jerk “Being a gentleman pales when one is confronted with a wife one doesn’t know, doesn’t want, never did want, clulter even knew existed.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Coulter writes very well, there’s a depth to her characters that you don’t normally see, and they have many sides to them.

ALL opinions are more than welcome! Hold over each cover to read more about the book. You wonder how these two will ever get together but they do come to an agreement about their marriage. I like Sinjin sister of Douglas, she so funny.

Arrogant pup that he is blames everthing from the bedroom atmosphere to his wife, but never heaven forbid himself. There is nothing like stepping back into familiar shoes. I still enjoyed the book, but in a different way. Douglas treats her coldly and heaps some mild verbal abuse on her. He acted like a child, and while I loved my heroes being assholes and taking their anger coutler on the heroines, I don’t appreciate them being like children and as – as – I can’t describe it but something about the hero’s behaviour with the heroine really, really put me off.


Prince of Ravenscar by Brride Coulter.

The Bride Trilogy (Sherbrooke) by Catherine Coulter

This not my Fav book from CC. Welcome to the exciting conclusion of… More.

When Grayson Sherbrooke takes his son Pip nearly… More. Is it a bit cheesy? Douglas is a jerk and he treats Alex terribly. Write me and tell me how you liked The Courtship. Tony instantly fall for melli but he know about her real character so he never tolerate her nasty temper. You met Heatherington in The Sherbroo… More. All in all, a very good read. She used to write well.

You don’t need a heart to appreciate her romance stories because they are not romance stories. At times she gives the impression of being malleable or submissive, and is often unaware of the steel in her spine, which becomes brride apparent when defending her beliefs or her beloved.

The Sherbrooke Bride

Bad things are happening that could threaten him and his family. Yes, it is still a fun read. The year is and Grayson Sherbrooke, a popula… More. Tony instan This not my Fav book from CC. And to make matters worse, there catjerine a troubling appearance of the family ghost, the Virgin Bride. And the H hankers after her till almost the end! Now there were some sweet scenes where he takes care of her during her fever and bits of humor where she attacks him with a table.


Douglas Sherbrooke, Earl of Northcliffe decides that it is time for him to marry and produce an heir.

The Bride Trilogy

But the question is why: Shelve The Heiress Bride. He was so delightful and swoon-worthy in the beginning, with cathegine prized control and the way he carried himself. This particular book started my never-ending romance adventure. And not, he bridf, because she is simply enthralled with his handsome self or his boundless charm.

The heroine Alexandra is 18 years old and acts every bit of it. He welcomes the aunts, briefly spots the valet, Jack, and proceeds very quickly after their arrival to fall down the rabbit hole. If they don’t find out the truth, their lives could be ruined.

Skip to main content. And there is another, even more perfidious, danger that lurks in the shadows, waiting. She was supposed to seem strong-willed, but to me she was silly and conniving. He insults her lack of beauty, her clothes and anything else he can think of. Alexandra is the daughter of an impoverished duke, who has secretly loved Douglas since she was When did he decide to “keep his bride”?