Cfengine-Tutorial. AUTOMATED SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION. Kirk: “I’m curious, Doctor, why is it called the M5?” Daystrom: “Well you see, M1 to M4 were not. As we are using a single Ubuntu server in this tutorial, we’ll be using it both as a policy hub and as a client. To start CFEngine’s policy hub, you. Contribute to theofilis/tutorial-cfengine development by creating an account on GitHub.

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If none of these are found it expands to the empty string. This can be used cfenginee place spaces in filenames etc. The file is not readable for general users.

Note that you can use special variables for certain symbols in a string See Variable substitution. This is a list of all programs which are setuid root, or setgid root. The generic class anyUp: This tells cfengine to look at the defined links. You are encouraged to use them to define fully generalized rules in your programs.

NFS resourcesUp: If you use a unique naming scheme like the one advocated here, this is a trivial task. Invoking cfenginePrevious: To make any of this happen we must add the word tidy to the action sequence. Add the name of your policy file at the end of the inputs list. Execute the following command: This can be done in three ways: This is the way in which cfagent makes decisions. This host belongs to the class mygroup and the hard-class ultrix. In a short space of time, he developed the notion of convergent operatorswhich remains a core of CFEngine.


Notice that setting values has a special kind of syntax: This gives us a compact way of writing repeated operations and it allows a simple method of communication with the shell environment. Start cf-serverd in verbose non-forked mode, debug level 1: The default values of the comment-start string is and the default comment-end string is the empty string.

This happens automatically because cfengine builds up a list of the classes to which it belongs as it goes cfemgine, so it avoids having to make many decisions over and over again. This behaviour is designed to avoid race-conditions which can occur during network connections and indeed any operations which take some time.

Examples and Tutorials

Regular expressions are more complicated than wildcards, but have far more flexibility. A year in the form Yr, Yr There is therefore the danger that the hidden information would lead to undetected blunders in opening files to the wrong users. Path to yutorial resolv. That means that it is smart to follow the order above for the sections in the first line of the above list. All of the switches and options which change the way in which cfengine behaves get specified either on the command line or in the control: It consists of severalcomponents: It is probably a good idea to set the number of descriptors to Additionally, the name of cefngine bundle in your policy file should be mentioned in the bundlesequence list toward the top of the file.

  IDCC 1702 PDF

Run cfengine from cron every hour on all your systems. In that respect, it seems sensible to use only direct mounts and a unique name space. In spite of this, even these systems have only awkard tools for manipulating ACLs.

For example, solaris 2. In fact, the non-uniformity of Unix was a major headache. If you are looking for a fast and highly scalable configuration management tool for your IT infrastructure, you should give CFEngine a try.

Some sites and operating systems use fully qualified names for their hosts. Cfengine lets you to define a list of allowed servers for various hosts so that only filesystems from the servers will tutogial considered for mounting!

Automating System Administration with Cfengine 3: An Introduction

Disabling and the file repository: You can also sign up to be notified of my free “Getting Started with CFEngine 3” webinars and other trainings. An obvious use for this is to update databases, like the fast-find database one day of the week, cfengind to run quota checks on disks.

Cfengine grew out of the need to control the accumulation of complex shell scripts used in the automation of key system maintenance at Oslo.

In a cfengine program: On the host which is to access the filesystem you must create a mount point.