In conjunction with the University of Colorado’s Mechanical Engineering Department, bicycle parts manufacturer CeramicSpeed has launched.

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Already have an account? I was at Eurobike and had a chance to see it in action.

What’s with the battery cell in the drive shaft? However, the single speed, as far as I could tell, had the bearings misaligned to the cassette. Very clever thinking — but I as an engineer strongly doubt that the transmission to the whell will work in reality. I love being able to run quick errands while getting a little exercise; at the supermarket I buy only a few things at a time and go several times a.

CeramicSpeed introduces chainless bike concept at eurobike

They claim, that their solution improves efficiency over the standard chain solution, not that it has no inefficiencies. If I did, I think I’d go with an overhead bike hoist; as narrow as bicycles are, they seem to take up a disproportionate amount of floor.

Nintendo’s camera accessory is only capable of taking dithered grayscale pictures, but with Photoshop, some colored gels and basic photographic know-how, you can see what a color-capable version of the tool might’ve looked like.

A glimpse of the suburban grotesque, featuring Russian mobsters, Fox News rage addicts, a caged man in a sex dungeon and Dick Cheney.


Did you happen to see both prototypes? Pickles are an integral staple of Turkish cuisine, and a glass of pickle juice is famed as a quick, tasty and natural cure for even the fiercest of headaches.

He filmed his journey and compressed those 80 days down into 80 seconds:. Home Video Editions Store Picks.

Chainless bicycle

That is an overload issue. Gilles, I was at Eurobike as biicycle. As the currency leaves its teenage years, the euro is probably better known for its shortcomings. The room was pretty loud when I was playing with the 13 speed but it seemed to be quiet. Not an innovative design… Actually if the dreamer designer focused more on research rather than trying to create something new would know that this concept has been proposed and failed.

It looks to hicycle that the smaller rear gears will be introducing some sliding friction as the diameter decreases.

CeramicSpeed introduces chainless bike concept at eurobike

K Reset Password Please enter your email and we will send chaibless email to reset your password. That being said, it wold still be cool to see a working version. At this year’s Eurobike show they unveiled Drivena speed “prototype” “concept bike” would be more accurate, as the thing doesn’t actually work that uses bearings and a wicked-looking ring cog that you don’t want to slam your shin into:.


By creating a Core77 account you confirm that you accept the Terms of Use. Admittedly, it’s not really solving any major problems with the current way chain drive systems work on a bicycle — having to constantly clean and lubricate — but dang, it looks cool. Please enter your email and we will send an email to reset your password. He filmed his journey chainlese compressed those 80 days down into 80 seconds: The Mundaneum is more than an antiquated indexing system.

That statement isn’t super meaningful as chain drives already have very low friction.

Enter a caption optional. Straight to you every other week. Cars have been using this type of transmission ever since.

Bicycl Belgian expat and cycling enthusiast named Carl, now relocated to Germany, just wrapped up an day trip through all 16 of Germany’s states. Keep me signed in Cancel. A roundup of the most interesting, thought-provoking and surprising questions that our favorite columnists addressed in recent days. Truth Pedaling a bicycles has always converted muscular movement to radial motion, and such a conversion always has some loss. It’s an ahead-of-its-time testament to the power of chainpess.