Chemomechanical caries removal (CMCR) is a non-invasive technique eliminating infected dentine via a chemical agent. This is a method of caries removal. Efficacy of new chemomechanical caries removal agent compared with conventional method in primary teeth: An in vivo study. NB Nagaveni1. Objective: To compare the effectiveness of various caries removal techniques in mandibular primary molars using Smart Burs, atraumatic.

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Does chemomechanical caries removal affect dentine adhesion?

Current update of chemomechanical caries removal methods.

Children which had 2 or more same caries lesions in the same group of teeth eg. Effects of air abrasive in prophylaxis. Carious material removal was thus facilitated. Community Dent Health ; In another group, no agent was applied on one-half and Carie-Care was applied on the other half for 1 min.

How to cite this article: J Clin Pediatr Dent ; New treatment method for pain and reduction of local anesthesia use in deep caries. Articles from Journal of International Oral Health: Int J Appl Dent Sci ;1: Rev Paul Odontol ; The rotating bur cuts through carious dentine to open up healthy dentinal tubules deeper in the tissue and this in conjunction with water stimulation of odon-toblast processes will result in the pain associated with cavity preparation using this technique.


The effects of an airbrasive instrument on dental hard tissues, skin and oral mucosa.

Current update of chemomechanical caries removal methods.

Maximum of cleaning duration. An in vitro study.

Efficacy of chemomechanical caries removal. J Int Oral Health ;5: The children were asked to choose from the following descriptions for their complaints:. A comparative in vivo study.

Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. How to cite this article: The main advantage of this method is that it does not require complete patient cooperation.

The CMCR technique was superior to the mechanical caries removal technique in primary teeth among school children in terms of time, efficacy, and acceptance in both clinical- and community-based settings. While some claim, to remove demineralized dentin selectively, others are unable to distinguish this and are not able to remove the softened dentin effectively 1.

In carious samples, the results of Carisolv-treated dentin Clinical evaluation of Papacarie in primary teeth. Chemomechhanical was applied on one-half and Carie-Care was applied on the other half. Carie care – a product that has been locally introduced has as its main active ingredient from papaya extract – an endoprotein, chloramines and dye.

Mean of cleaning duration. In Group 1, caries was removed using Carie-care in the dental clinic and reomval Group 2, with Smart Burs in the dental clinic.

This study is a split-mouth clinical trial wherein two methods of caries removal were performed within the same patient. Successful experience in three Latin American countries. Int Oral Health Chemomechanical removal of dental caries in deciduous teeth: Online since 10 th June, Clin Oral Investig ;7: Complaints within Traditional Group.


Certain factors which satisfy both operator and the patient must be fulfilled by the ideal cutting instruments which include: Int J Periodontics Restorative Dent ; J Oral Rehabil ; Please review our privacy policy.

Sitemap What’s New Feedback Disclaimer. This article has been cited chemomechancal. J Minim Interv Dent ;1: This gel consists of two carboxymethycellulose based gels: In deciduous teeth, however, addition of urea to the solution significantly improved carious dentine excavation compared with the some control solution without urea 19 – Determination of residual dentine caries after conventional mechanical and chemomechanical caries removal with Carisolv.

Carie Care not only softens infected dentine but gives cariez advantage of anti-inflammatory activity and aroma.

SEM score pain assessment between two groups Click here to view. A preliminary report on a chemomechanical means of removing caries. The papain reomval part-icularly, a plant derived cysteine protease of broad proteolytic activity has been used as a chem.