html?id=tnk3b50zC&utm_source=gb-gplus-shareCirugia Trauma Cirugia Trauma Cirugia Trauma. edited by Carlos Hernando Morales Uribe. Title, Cirugia: Trauma Yuluka: Medicina. Contributor, Carlos Hernando Morales Uribe. Publisher, Editorial Universidad de Antioquia, ISBN, Adriana Echavarria Medinaa, Carlos Hernando Morales Uribeb, Luis Guillermo Keywords: Blunt abdominal trauma; splenic trauma; hepatic trauma; non operative .. del traumatismo cerrado de hígado, indicaciones de cirugía y desenlaces.

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In Colombia, pediatric trauma is responsible for The above is clear, a periodic evaluations by trained personnel are necessary in order to allow the early detection of the surgical interventions need and to identify patients at high risk, avoiding failure of NOM 6,7,23,27, World J Emerg Surg.

We found 3 factors associated with failure NOM: Pleural effusion following blunt splenic injury in the pediatric trauma population. How to cite this article. These data are described in table 1. Trauma patients are at high risk of deep vein thrombosis … More. In our series, the rate of complications was very low in 6. Variation in the management of adolescent patients with blunt abdominal solid organ injury between adult versus pediatric trauma centers: I contenuti hanno solo fine illustrativo e non sostituiscono il parere medico: Skip to search form Skip to main content.


Le forme specifiche di traumatismo al torace includono: The hospital stay average for the NOM failure group was Spanish pdf Article in xml format Article references How to cite this article Automatic translation Send this article by e-mail.

One hundred and ninety-seven Although the principles of trauma in pediatrics are similar to those of the adult population, there are anatomical and physiological characteristics in the pediatric group that make it more susceptible to injury to intra-abdominal organs such as: The role of selective non-operative management.

Cirugia Trauma

Conventional ultrasound henando been used, together with the clinical parameters described above and serial clinical evaluation, as a safe method of diagnosis that allows surgical decision making and to select those patients who really need to be taken to tomographic studies. Associated factors to non-operative management failure of hepatic and splenic lesions secondary to blunt abdominal trauma in children.

The non operative management NOM is the standard management of splenic and liver blunt trauma in pediatric patients. The sensitivity and specificity of the physical examination for the emergent surgical decision was Liver injuries in children: Few studies evaluate whether there exist factors allowing anticipation of these events. In all of these, the extravasation of the contrast trquma in the initial CAT was observed. In the last years, the NOM has been considered as a fundamental tool in the hepatic hdrnando and splenic lesions secondary to closed abdominal trauma management, supported by the use of CAT, along with a better knowledge of the pathophysiology of this type of injuries 1,4, Venous thromboembolism VTE is a principal cause of death.


For some variables of interest, we also calculate the difference of proportions with their respective p value. J Trauma ; Rights to privacy and informed consent: Le lesioni causate da oggetti di forma dritta tendono ad avere un percorso prevedibile ed una bassa energia cinetica. Rev Soc Bol Ped. The complications presented are listed in Table 4.

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Finally, we found morrales intrahospital complications occurred in 8 of our patients, 4 NOM could fail Management of children with solid organ injuries after blunt torso trauma.

There are 2 surgical … More. Diagnosis, Management and Outcomes. It is possible that these differences are due to the small number of patients from the different studies mentioned. Le indicazioni per la chirurgia relativamente immediata e per quella a lungo termine includono traima diagnosi tardiva nel riconoscere le lesioni del diaframma e la comparsa di un’ ernia diaframmatica traumatica.

Ernest Eugene Moore 6. Journal of Pediatric Surgery.