Can J Infect Dis Med Microbiol. Mar-Apr;26(2) Empyema caused by Clostridium bifermentans: A case report. Edagiz S(1), Lagace-Wiens P(2), Embil . Clostridium bifermentans bacteremia resulting in metastatic osteomyelitis involving the sacrum, spine, and ribs. The emergence of resistance of this organism to. We report a case of recurrent Clostridium bifermentans bacteremia resulting in metastatic osteomyelitis involving the sacrum, spine, and ribs. The emergence of .

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However, in more recent reports, C bifermentans has been documented as a cause of clostrjdium arthritis, osteomyelitis, soft tissue infection, abdominal infections, brain abscess, bacteremia and endocarditis. Potential conflicts of interest. The frequency of C bifermentans causing human infection is quite rare; our search of PubMed clostriduim only 13 prior case reports.

C bifermentans is an anaerobic, spore-forming, Gram-positive bacillus. Transthoracic echocardiogram showed a large pericardial effusion with cardiac tamponade, which required pericardial drain placement with removal of mL transudative fluid.

Manual of Clinical Microbiology. Pencek T, Burchiel K.

Clostridium bifermentans (Weinberg and Seguin) Bergey et al. ATCC &reg

The patient gradually improved over a period of several weeks. Support Center Support Center. Tobramycin, clindamycin, and doxycycline were added for sepsis. Despite vasopressor support, she required massive IV clodtridium resuscitation to maintain pressures and perfusion, receiving 26 liters during the first 24 hours and 51 liters by 72 hours.


Empyema caused by Clostridium bifermentans: A case report.

Ryan K, Ray C. Clostridium bifermentans is a rare cause of infection in humans.

A single promoter was found upstream of the four genes, indicating that the four were likely to be expressed bivermentans. When the four genes were individually expressed, none of the four proteins encoded exhibited mosquitocidal activity. They may be found in soil, sewage, marine sediment and feces 23. She also developed large bilateral pleural effusions and required bilateral chest tube placement with 4 liters per day transudative fluid output.

Fatal acute spontaneous endometritis resulting from Clostridium sordellii. For commercial re-use, please contact journals. Thus, to remove potential toxin, empiric plasmapheresis was started on hospital day 3, which showed immediate improvement in hemodynamics, and fluid was able to be removed with continuous venovenous hemofiltration. Clostridoum characterization of this rare pathogen is warranted.

On hospital day 4, her edema had improved and the team was able to examine her pupils, which were found to be fixed and dilated. J Bone Joint Surg.

Empiric antibiotic therapy with vancomycin, cefepime, and metronidazole was initiated, and she was transferred to the intensive care unit. Clostridium sordellii is known to cause a severe leukocytosis in part related to production of the neuraminidase NanS, which stimulates promyelocytic proliferation and prevents margination and movement of leukocytes out of the intravascular space [ 17 ].

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Cultures of the pleural fluid grew C bifermentans and Bacillus cereus. Infections due to C bifermentans are infrequently reported, potentially due to the relatively low virulence of this organism.

Principles and Practice of Infectious Diseases. Fatal toxic shock syndrome associated with Clostridium sordellii after medical abortion. Twenty-nine days after the initial surgical procedure 44 days postadmissionthe patient was taken back to the operating room for a second thoracotomy, right rib resection and empyema drainage.

Accessed 5 December Clostridium clowtridium and C. Delayed brain abscess related to a retained foreign body with culture of Clostridium bifermentans. In addition, our patient’s course was fulminant and rapidly fatal, which is not a characteristic feature in prior cases of C bifermentans infection.

Bacteriol Rev ; It should be noted that the possibility of polymicrobial infection could not be completely excluded because all pleural fluid and tissue specimens were obtained after the start of antimicrobial therapy.

Clostridium bifermentans – Wikipedia

Fifteen days postadmission, the patient underwent a thoracotomy and decortication of the right lung. Isolation of Clostridium tetani from anaerobic empyema.

Report of a case. J Clostidium Joint Surg Am ;