circulated provided that proper attribution to the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB) is made. CLUP GUIDEBOOK A Guide to Comprehensive. CLUP GUIDEBOOKS. OTHER GUIDEBOOKS. *Click the image to view file. Section 18 – Balanced Housing Development of Republic Act. No. Are you familiar with the CLUP and Zoning Ordinance? of the previous/ existing HLURB CLUP Guidebooks? The Comprehensive Land Use Plan ( CLUP).

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The EnP Board Review Series: Part 5 – Your planning bibles – Little Miss Urbanite

Similarly, other national or sub-national plans could be referred to by local land use plans particularly key strategic development priorities identified in the regional physical framework or development plans in the area where the LGUs are located.

The supplemental guidelines were created for this purpose.

General Land Use Policy Areas Refer to Annex for the sample schedule of planning activities in Gantt Chart. The integrated watershed or ecosystems management framework shall also be the physical reference for the formulation of specific sectoral and development plans by national and local government agencies. Consult a lawyer, anyone? Consistent with this, PA 21 has a poverty reduction agenda that includes measures to create an enabling economic environment for sustained and broad-based growth; improve employment, productivity and income; and attain food security.


Designing a Project Clp Scheme If such resource management plans have not been prepared, they shall be automatically integrated into all the activities under the enhanced CLUP process. Sample Outcome and Output Indicators However, while it echoes the RPS, it also provides the more detailed and systematic system of doing land use planning.


Knowing the participants beforehand could lead to a better consultation processes. Discussions on variances, exceptions, easements, buffers, green spaces, and other mitigating measures are in this gukdebook.

While some board takers are worried about whether they should study the updated versions or the old ones, I recommend the updated ones. For example, regulations in a Residential-5 R5 Zone allows all uses cclup the R zones such as single-detached dwelling units, residential subdivisions, etc.

Guidebooks and Frameworks

Lani Guising Msaog Tumbaga May 27, at 1: The integration aims to harmonize development goals and objectives of all barangays guuidebook cities or municipalities. The IEC plan can include the following: But I can give a guide you can refer to while reading the RPS.

It also provides sample tables and outputs—maps, exposure tables, adaptive capacity scores, and the like—so you get to have a basis in practicing the methods. The guidebookshave also integrated special areas and thematic concerns such as ancestral domain,biodiversity, heritage, urban design and green growth in the land use planning processto ensure the conservation and sustainable management of these critical elements. Co-Management Guidelines on Forest Areas Set the Goals and Objectives Goals and objectives formulation workshop6.

It shall be the unifying and integrating horizontal framework in the identification of both public and coup land use guuidebook strategies and policies including disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation and mitigation measures. Climate and disaster risk, and the formulation of a risk-sensitive land use plan.

  ASTM D4189 PDF

In predominantly IP communities, the tribal practices of communal consultation and decision-making maybe adopted and integrated into the enhanced CLUP process. Though general community participation is not always possible, extensive involvement may be facilitated through representation, focus group discussions, interviews, surveys, and other innovative forms of indirect participation. Establishing pragmatic appropriate culp and dynamic structures or mechanisms that involve the participation of key stakeholders.

Establish Development Thrust and Spatial Strategies PA 21 envisions a better quality of life for all through the development of a just, moral, creative, spiritual, economically-vibrant, caring, diverse yet cohesive society characterized by appropriate productivity, participatory and democratic process and living in harmony within the limits of the carrying capacity of nature and the integrity of creation.

Notify me of new comments via email. This is in recognition that land use patterns and impacts are notonly influenced by internal conditions and activities but also by external factors such asother LGU development or changing climate patterns.

It indicates broad spatial directions and development guidelines on the four major land culp policy areas, namely, settlements development, production land use, protection land use, and infrastructure development. It hopes to provide the users a handy tool containing the following: Cross – sectoral analysis and integration5.

Set the Goals and Objectives Read the Text Version.