Take advantage of wingwave coaching in order to achieve your professional and personal goals. wingwave coaching is a new short-term coaching concept that. Coaching wingwave. Event for Ocio Alternativo en el Puerto · Des-Fase II · Event · by Beatriz Mejías. Interested · Invite. More. Coaching wingwave: Beatriz Mejías’s photo. JUN13 Hosted by Coaching wingwave: Beatriz Mejías. Interested Ven a conocer está técnica de coaching.

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Achieving Success – Resolving Blocks – Attaining Peak Performance Short-term coaching for wingwxve, managers, creative people and athletes. The increasing level of stress many people are exposed to every day keeps them from processing stressful events during their sleep.

Hence, it is the perfect self-healing procedure for emotional upheaval. The flow in processing experiences and emotions associated with those experiences is disrupted.

The effects of w ing w ave coaching can be reinforced, if necessary, with the methods of NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming.

During this process the client may experience some intense feelings, but they are perfectly endurable and do not last longer than a minute. How Does wingwave work?

Stress, unpleasant memories of past events, or imagining future situations can all act like a splinter in a wound that keeps the wound from healing: If this is not the case, e.


You’re looking for a coach nearby?

Achieving Success – Resolving Blocks – Attaining Peak Performance Short-term coaching for executives, managers, creative people and athletes.

Take advantage of w ing w ave coaching in order to achieve your professional and personal goals.

About wingwave Coaching

A translation into English is planned. The situation can be compared to a CD that has a scratch: The wingwave CDs Bilateral-auditory hemisphere stimulation to regulate stress and intensify creative processes. The mental block that was caused by extreme stress disappears. You’re looking for a cozching nearby? The emotions get “stuck.

Individual wingwave coaching Take advantage of w ing w ave coachin in order to achieve your professional and personal goals. During the REM phase Rapid Eye Movements our eyes move horizontally, and our stressful and traumatic experiences are processed.

Emotions that are associated with certain events in the past or with the idea of future events cannot be effectively processed. During moments of intense stress, both brain hemispheres no longer cooperate in an optimal way.

As the intervention completely reactivates the formerly blocked mental capacities, it enables the brain to find its own creative solutions, making use of its already existing resources. According to chaos theory, this tiny force has the power to change the weather, if the beat occurs at exactly the right time and place.


And exactly these kinds of brainwaves are triggered by targeted wingwave coaching. The eye movements — that can also be replaced by auditory or tactile stimuli — allow the brain hemispheres to work together in a coordinated way and the previously “stuck” emotions start to “move” again. Everyone knows how it feels to be hurt, insulted, angry, embarrassed, etc.

About wingwave Coaching

This method is used by successful executives, managers, creative people and athletes to reach their goals and increase their inner sense of well-being.

Restless sleep and sleeping pills can completely impede the important REM phase which leads to a constant feeling of pressure and makes relaxation difficult while awake. So the client can gain some surprising wisdom and flashes of insight during the intervention.

The wing metaphor illustrates how the brain hemispheres work together to support intellectual flights and to secure successful landings.