You can disable the cffile tag in the ColdFusion Administrator. Also, to access files that are not located on the local ColdFusion system. Allows you to specify a name for the variable in which cffile returns the result (or status) parameters. If you do not specify a value for this attribute, cffile uses the. There were several changes to cffile action=”upload” in ColdFusion 10 on how it handles what file types are allowed. In previous versions, the ACCEPT attribute.

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Furthermore it is rather difficult to really determine if a file is voldfusion text file or a jpg, exe, rar etc file. To execute, this tag must be enabled in the ColdFusion Administrator.

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. You can disable the cffile tag in the ColdFusion Administrator. Name of the file uploaded from the client’s system. If this value is set to true, file upload continues evern after encountering an upload error.

You can use the below code: See the following sections. Create cfflie ColdFusion page with the following content: They are set to the results of the most recent cffile operation. Pathname of directory in which to upload the file. Full name of the source file on the client system with the filename extension; for example, myfile. Assigned to owner, group, and other, respectively, for example:.


The following list includes commonly used values: Size of the file that was overwritten in the file upload operation.


You may also choose to employ a check of the file extension as an added layer of error checking. ServerFileExt Extension of the uploaded file on the server, without a period, for example, txt not. Foldfusion should always be placed in a temporary location, generally the ColdFusion temporary directory from GetTempDirectory.

If not handled correctly, an uploaded file can lead to a compromised server or spread a virus infected file to other users. This option permits custom behavior based on file properties.

The form does not work until you write an action page for it see the next procedure.

Using cffile

After a file upload is completed, you can retrieve status information using file upload parameters. You can use this variable to record the name used when the file was saved. Specify the extensions with a.

On UNIX systems should also restrict access to the uploaded file by specifying the mode attribute, preferably so that only the ColdFusion process can read or write to the file. A file upload error happens due to the following reasons: The result attribute allows functions or CFCs that get called from multiple pages at the same time to avoid overwriting the results of one call with another.

Save the file as readtext. Changed file path requirements: In my opinion it is best to follow the tips given by pete freitag and use a java class to determine the file type. Cffils can set a maximum file size but this is processed during the upload. Since strict is true by default, you should specify Coldfusin types for the accept attribute. Save the file as writetextfileaction. If omitted, the coldfuxion attributes are maintained. It might not work in later releases. This is a view-only example.


Sign up using Facebook. You can access file upload status variables using dot notation, using either file.

Invalid MIME or extension 4. This rule only applies to copy actions.


This status information includes data about the file, such as its name and the directory where it was saved. Verify that you are uploading a file of the appropriate type. Write a text file Create a ColdFusion page with the following content: The below code works for me: The file is not saved. Consider the security and logical structure of directories on the server before allowing users access to them.

Name of form field used to select the file. Octal values of UNIX chmod command.