Colgate vs Pepsodent Comparative advertisement. 1. COMPARATIVE ADVERTISEMENT VS; 2. DEFINATION Comparative advertising is an. Colgate Palmolive (India) Ltd. brought an action against HUL for its ads relating to its product ‘Pepsodent GermiCheck Superior Power’ as. Colgate – Market PositioningWhile Pepsodent germi-check has a market share of %, Colgate strong teeth has a market share of %. The below discussion.

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If you have any questions or concerns regarding any content published here, feel free to contact us using the Contact link below. It shows how while most good things and good feelings in life are transient, the impact of an inspiring act of goodness lasts more than pelsodent lifetime. I like this as the creative idea is unique, the format is fresh and a ‘not-so-obvious’ extrapolation of the core property of ‘sweat’. What is the logic of buying an expensive colgqte and spreading it all over the teeth and gums ,and washing it off when the soft food debris are lying intact on the tooth surfaces?

The inspiration for the campaign is the times we live in and how beautifully women are challenging stereotypes and dismissing the status quo. This plaque and calculus is the main cause of gum problems and is formed by the food remnants building up everyday as it is not cleaned properly.

Crayons Advertising wins exclusive outdoor rights for Kumbh Mela 3 days ago.

Remove the secondary and tertiary packaging layers. Based on this heartwarming concept, fbb wishes for everyone to wear the best thing this season – their smile, WearYourSmile. However, it still has numerous faithful consumers.


Difference between Colgate and Pepsodent | Colgate vs Pepsodent

Madras high court rejects plea to stay TRAI pricing order 13 hours ago. My two favourite pieces of work – one by another agency and one by my own are: I spoke to my cousins and the local folks who were in the thick of things. Due to this solution of salt, pepsodeng oil and Neem twigs, there will be no harm to you gums, teeth, no cavity, and you get the teeth white. Comparative advertising is bound to get more and more aggressive and more and more in the open as the times get competitive.

This simple yet powerful human insight is what powers the communication for Pipers – a brand that has always put the wellbeing of others beyond mere personal gain.

Are you looking for a comparative review between Colgate and Pepsodent toothpastes? If you think that some other toothpaste is better then please share about it here. Take a look at the most viewed ads of November. UniLever water shower ad. No tooth paste in the world can clean your teeth if you dont do it colgatf. Misbaah Mansuri Correspondent, Mumbai misbaah. Yes the trend can be seen even in the soft drinks segment. Pepsodent is another leading name in oral care solutions.

Her beauty is a belief that starts with her being comfortable in her own skin. According to the court too much could not be read into the ads and to expressions of each individual character. I think this is a great post. The comparison needs to be crafted in a manner that a consumer can relate to.


It also, for the first time, brings on board a face for the brand by associating with accomplished actor Rahul Khanna. New e-commerce policy gets mixed reactions.

Which toothpaste is better Colgate or Pepsodent for all dental solution? Mitali Srivastava Hough, Co-Founder and Head of Strategy at Utopeia, quit the company and explained her decision colgqte moving out in an open letter.

Pepsodent vs. Colgate: How effective is comparative advtg?

Bobby Pawar quit Publicis to join Havas. The campaign featured a degree multimedia integration of television, print, outdoor and digital platforms. Comparison between Colgate and Pepsodent: BeforePepsodent was a very popular brand. As we celebrate the festivities around us we often ask, what is the most beautiful thing we can wear to look our best? Lifebuoy case were cited. It was only in that Dove set out to challenge the world of beauty advertising.

Comparative advertising is something that the challenger brand should undertake; for example, Tyson Gay can challenge Usain Bolt, but it cannot be the other way around.

The campaign has been promoted across all social media handles, attractive in-store visual merchandise and extensive OOH. The Pepwodent Term Insurance Plan TVC starts with a husband watching cricket match on TV and his wife steps in with a laptop in her hand blocking his view to show the insurance plan options.