13 Steps to Mentalism: Do you have this book? We asked some of our viewers this question and we were shocked that they don’t have what many consider to be. Today, known throughout the world, Corinda has been acclaimed as inventor, writer, and teacher of Mentalism — the art of mind-reading. While on tour in. If you are looking to know whether Tony Corinda 13 Steps To Mentalism actually works, then you’ve just arrived at the best place. Most of us.

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Add to wishlist Ask question. To this end, he discusses the various advantages of billets, indexes, forces, switches and envelopes. Magic books cost a fortune, more than any type of book usually this is the exception, over pages of ‘secrets’.

13 Steps to Mentalism ($) – Tony Corinda – Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

This book may not appeal to non magicians, but for those wanting to msntalism about the art of mentalism this is still a great place to start. So go on be like the boss of men and wow friends!


Aug 02, Oliver Ho rated it really liked it. Corinva book all about the side of mentalism and the methods too the madness. Each addresses the other by his surname, and they enjoy at least two cups of tea during the course of the talk.

As it turns out, this was fascinating in its own right. As once you start to learn you will realise the true value of what is contained within. Aug 19, Where It Has To.

It teaches all the things that you need.

13 Steps to Mentalism by Corinda

The Magician Loyal user Liverpool Posts. Jun 18, Luk Worknik rated it it was amazing. We ship to you directly from within the UK.

No trivia or quizzes yet. The positive is that left more room for more material! Again great job and hope to see more than 4 posts from you. After two years the series was published step by step. Mentalusm found it mind boggling to see mentalims deception can be achieved through taking advantage of people’s fundamental assumptions–especially if given lots of time, practice and dedication.

This book will provide you with the foundation needed to build on and increase your mentalism skills. An balance book to read an to keep!


Magic Tricks

With this you can do great things! Well I think we should thank James for his review. Patrick O’Grady rated it really liked it Nov 07, You’re very kind, and I appreciate it. Mentalizm 13, Tim Cavendish Inner circle Posts.

The bible of mentalism. If you have even a mild interest in mentalism this is a must have book for your library! Williams Regular user Posts.

The info is always applicable to menttalism interested in serious mentalism. This page was created in 0. We keep our most popular products in stock in the UK so often this step is skipped.

If you are interested corindda mentalism then get this awesome book! Views Read Edit View history. Just complete your order as normal, and within seconds you’ll get an email with your gift certificate.