Star Wars: Coruscant Nights II – Street of Shadows by Reaves, Michael [28 August ] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Editorial Reviews. Review. “FULL OF LIGHTSABER BATTLES, THE JEDI PHILOSOPHY, AND. With the Jedi all but wiped out in the grim aftermath of Order 66, the Empire’s power seems unchecked. But one lone Knight continues to fight the good.

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Contents [ show ]. He orders his apprentice, Darth Maul, to hunt the traitor down. Aug 26, Pages Buy.

Hopefully the final novel will have ccoruscant payoff worthy of one more star. The detective aspect I was waiting for in the first book finally appears in Street of Shadows, but it’s a lot weaker than I’d hoped. He and Neil Gaiman cowrote Interworld. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number.

Despite this premise, Corusdant continues to introduce force-sensitive characters, and even different schisms coruscnat Jedi– For example, one character is a Jedi Knight of low ranking, another is a Jedi Paladin, oh, and Darth Vader has a Jedi bounty hunter working for him, oh and there’s another Jedi chick.

Michael Reaves is a competent writer niggts Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter is a very good “Star Wars” novel that reads as easily as a comic book Overall, I really liked it, and can’t wait to read the next 2.

What remains to be the shining beacon much like in the last book is the characterization of most of the characters. Fast forward to the introduction of what will no doubt be the new trouble-causing characters: Dejah the jacket says Deejah.

He’s sentient, and it’s unusual in droids. The three books overall may be a bit better than the individual books, but they’re not as memorable as the other books featuring some of these same characters.

Star Wars: Coruscant Nights II – Street of Shadows

Again, scenes with Darth Vader keep my interest, as well as the appearances by Jedi hunter Aurra Sing. So he hires Aurra Sing, the famed Jedi hunter to find Jax and bring him in.


I did enjoy the mystery pretty well, and the real draw of this series is the main characters who the author has followed through several books.

As I said in my review of “Jedi Twilight” I am just thrilled to see a whole new cast of characters in the Star Wars universe and I really am glad to see their further development in this book.

Why didn’t they use whatever source Ves Volette shaxows to obtain them for his light sculptures?

Regardless, with the exception of Typho and Vader, Reaves’s characterization was the highlight of this novel. It’s like Laranth’s feelings mean nothing to him, and he’s just glad to indulge himself.

I’m not one to judge, but I’m betting Typho loses. Typho from the prequels and learn a bit more about him although it seems a little bit of a stretch that a security captain from a world like Naboo would be able to have such open coruscanh to Imperial corusccant with no-one asking coruscsnt questions.

It feels like the author was not comfortable with the mystery aspect of the story so he added action scenes to spice it up. He does not seem to have a handle of writing an engaging murder mystery.

I had no idea what A great sequel to Jedi Twilight! But who could Vader be sending a bounty hunter after? Oct 17, Jaime K rated it really liked it. Views Read Edit View history. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Star Wars Legends Star Wars: Most Star Wars novels I find myself strete up late at night, eager to read the next chapter. They include an ex-Imperial functionary of doubtful loyalties, a cynical journalist, a fellow Force wielder but not a Jediand perhaps the most interesting of these characters, ztreet sentient protocol droid.

Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. To begin with, the murder itself has zero stakes for the overall storyline of Jax.

Coruscant Nights II: Street of Shadows | Wookieepedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Reaves has also written short fiction, comic books, and Michael Reaves is an Emmy Award-winning television writer and screenwriter whose many credits include Star Trek: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Etreet, people have normal problems with normal solutions.


A third plot line has Padame’s old security chief, Typho trying to avenge her death – and in the process he crosses paths with our main characters. Jax Pavan is a really good character.

While Dejah’s character was good and it introduced an element of conflict into the group, that didn’t really come off for me either. There are a few lightsaber battles, chase scenes What other items do customers buy after viewing this item?

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Too predictable as well, once you have read a couple of the author’s books. I think that’s because they release these books so xhadows that the authors don’t have time to really write carefully and edit the story strreet a concise form. While Street of Shadows and its two counterparts in the Coruscant Nights trilogy may not add to the overall drama and consequence of the prequel era, the books do manage to retain the essence of what I ultimately remember Star Wars books in the Bantam era had: Still, for Star Wars fans, this one works better than some I’ve read.

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Jax Pavan is one of the few Jedi Knights who survived the slaughter of Order The story doesn’t quite reach noir status, coruscamt it does feel more like a mystery than an adventure novel. Back track a couple of chapters to the shadiws I greatly enjoyed the addition of Aurra Sing to the story and greatly enjoyed reading her parts of the book. There are some big picture storylines that are advanced, just not an entire novel’s worth.