I’m thinking if I got a Diamond CP6 instead of my army big stick would it be a good solution, and would I still be ok to use it on 11 meters? I don’t. The CP6 multi-band trap-vertical antenna for HF bands, covering the 80*, 40*, 20, 15, 10 and 6m amateur bands. Made from heavy duty aluminum, the CP6A.

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After getting my licence in August, I commissioned the antenna and siamond satisfactory diamonf 5 band no tx on 6m After months noticed a change in VSWR on most bands above 10m, then 10m when bad. Bedankt voor je reactie. I bought this six years ago to try and get active on HF from a very small garden, after being used to used to almost unlimited antenna space. The quality is appalling, and it is worth about a third of the selling price.

If you are looking for a good 6 band vertical that is easy to install, holds up well in adverse weather and performs well, doamond is an antenna to consider. Vroeger woonde ik in IJmuiden. Die werken op zich prima. The place to talk about specific amateur radio equipment and all types of accessories, fixes, repairs and modification.

Diamond CP-6S from the UK’s official importer, Waters & Stanton

Found broken connection on bottom of 10m coil and bottom of 15m coil at earthing point. Het zout zat met een dikke laag op de antenne na een paar stormen. Best antenna I have ever used and costs peanuts. They work well and will get you some good DX but don’t expect to break the pileups with it.

  LEY 17520 PDF

Newer Post Older Post Home. Although the Moonraker doesn’t seem to get good reviews, it is a lot better than the CP6, signals well up, and hugely quieter regarding background noise mainly local domestic The CP6 is sold in the UK as a quality antenna, at a high price.

Diamond CP6 or not? – Transmission1

I have had the CP-6 for a couple of years and really like it. Please, log in or register. I verified that the mild steel was attracted to magnets and therefore must have contained iron. Unlike other verticals you don’t need long wire radials.

Drilling thru and puting extra rivets solves the problem, re-assemble and away you go. Contact Us Waters and Stanton Call: I’ve cpp6 useless heap of scrap.

Product Tags Add Your Tags: For DX work you need low angle radiation which is just what you get from this popular model. I put a considerable amount of effort into laying out an extensive ground plane as my vertical was ground mounted but it has paid off. SSB requires a tuner. With the CP-6S you get adjustable rigid radials that are self supporting, and a DC return in the base matching unit helps the antenna get rid of static noise which other models suffer from.

Would appreciate any advice or opinions. Of course, others may disagree but I am coming to the end of a roll of D10 surplus cable that has been made into just about every antenna type I could fit in the garden and that’s what worked for me, although my next attempt when the weather perks up is going to be a sterba curtain.


Diamond CP6 or not? Like most multi band trapped verticals, performance is a compromise and can be quite noisy but they provide access to more than one band. I have never had any problem with the construction of the antenna or the traps.

Some folk swear at them, others swear by them. The eham reviews are generally positive http: Mine initially covered If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions about Reviews, please email your Reviews Manager. Additional Information manufacturer Diamond. It doesn’t have to be vertical really but I think if I had one single multiband antenna that would cover HF including 11 meters I’m less likely to attract attention from the powers that be.

I was stunned to discover that the threaded connection point to the alumninum ring holder was a MILD STEEL stub with kurled edge and thread on one end that was inserted into the end of each capacitive hat radial.

With this modification done, I diamod give the antenna a 5, but as it is bad QC from Diamond it gets a 2. This antenna is the worst piece of dkamond that I have ever bought.