CoolMiniOrNot – Crom The Conqueror. The Internet’s largest gallery of painted miniatures, with a large repository of how-to articles on miniature painting. Nov 22, Vardek Crom, Herald of Archaon: Also known as Crom the Conqueror. A powerful warlord of the Kul tribe, Vardek Crom is allied with Archaon. Posts about Crom the Conqueror written by digitaldiva

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Wee could you stick around to meet this mysterious person that I guess will interview now? I wonder who that could be?

And he dismounted himself and fought you? Enraged by their boldness, Crom strode out to meet them, and demanded Archaon face him in battle upon hearing his blasphemous claims. From Warhammer Fantasy Battle. A tribe of the Kurgan people, the Kul stake their claim on the lands above the Worlds Edge Mountains and to the east of the Sea of Chaos, from where they launch brutal raids on their neighboring tribes, sometimes traveling as far as Cathay or the Empire in their quest for plunder.

He first appeared in the Warhammer Xonqueror of White Dwarfand his rules were reprinted in the Storm of Chaos army book.

Chaos Lord, Crom The Conqueror | Warhammer Artwork | Pinterest | Chaos lord, Lord and Miniatures

For every blow there was a parry, every time one of us seemed spent they would find new reserves of determination and continue the duel. After this, he languished until The End Timeswhen his stats got reprinted with some slight tweaking in “Nagash: Or even was it my own destiny to claim the world for the Gods, or was there another, even mightier than me?

I put up my ax and took a step back.

Soon news came to me of a company of armored knights marching over my lands uninvited, I was furious. However, it’s his special rules that really make him as a character.


Vardek Crom The Conqueror

Book 2″, though the fluff in “Nagash: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. My cunning and prowess ensured that the Kul rose to conqureor renown, a position built on the backs of slaves, and paid for with a hoard of stolen wealth. Before another ten winters had passed I conquerorr one of mightiest kings the Steppes had ever known,:: The leader of the knights replied simply that his name was Archaon, and he sought the six treasures of Chaos.

Grimgor bellowed with rage at the insult.

Vardek Crom

The big reason you’re picking Crom, this rule allows Crom to swap between sword and axe style or sword and shield style whenever he wants, by declaring so at the start of each round of combat. Grimgor was hard-pressed to deflect the blows, with only the swiftness granted him by his magical axe Gitsnik enabling him to counter the berserk attacks of me. On the upside, this revamped version of Way of the Warrior applies whether he’s fighting in normal battles or in a challenge.

Neither me or Grimgor could get the better of the other, our skills perfectly matched. Indeed, but It has only set up the fall of my lord in then end.

His jaw clenched, and seething with resentment, Grimgor stared balefully at me and the ranks of my victorious followers. In walks a humongous hulking green monster wearing thick heavy plate armor while wielding a huge twin bladed axe in one hand and a human head in his other hand:: He received his answer when Archaon and the Swords of Chaos crossed into his land as part of Archaon’s search for the Six Treasures of Chaos.

I had been tested and found to be a mighty warrior; Archaon bade me to accompany him for the remainder of his journey. Then, slowly, and staring at any who dared look him in the eye, he turned to join his fleeing troops. Blow after blow rang out, stroke after stroke was exchanged. Haunted by visions of a mighty warrior who would unleash the final dominance of Chaos over the world, Crom brooded: As Grimgor was forced back against the wreckage of a chariot he desperately parried the sweep of my weapon, knocking my blade aside with a ringing blow.


Even as ccrom Orcs broke and turned to flee, the duel continued, neither of us willing to admit defeat. The camera pans to a assassin-like character who quickly stands corm upright and waves to the camera while trying to hide his poison coated stiletto behind his back:: Is there anything else you want to ask me before I leave?

The Sword he possessed already, and the Eye and the Mark. For points, Crom uses up a Lord slot and he has to be the army’s general unless Archaon is present; Crom bows to one master and one master alone. Over the decades spanned by that epic quest, my fervor and belief crm Archaon grew ever stronger. Both of us was utterly exhausted but convinced that they would prevail over our opponent. I realized that Archaon could truly be conquetor figure from my dreams, the chosen of the Gods and of the prophecy — he who would bring about the Storm of Chaos.

A dozen times more Archaon sent forth his champions, and each time I proved victorious, the blood of the knights spilt upon the barren Steppes. Both me and Grimgor were completely consumed by our own conflict, unaware of the battle unfolding around us. Well, remind me not to get on your bad side then. Slowly, I shook my head. I would be honored. Most likely someone form the Empire.

AHEM, without further interruptions lets begin the interview. You are right and I swear vengeance against that loathsome beast.