The Tamuli is a series of fantasy novels by David Eddings. The series consists of three volumes: Domes of Fire The Shining Ones The Hidden City The Tamuli is. The Tamuli: Domes of Fire – The Shining Ones – The Hidden City [David Eddings] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. For the first time in one. Domes of Fire (The Tamuli) [David Eddings] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The beloved Sparhawk undertakes a perilous new quest in.

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It’s a relatively minor subplot, but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Feb 29, Mike rated it really liked it. Apr 03, Jordan rated it really liked it. Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page. This is the best example of the Eddings’s otherwise-liberal politics totally falling down when it comes to certain kinds of gender stereotyping tamulli of course the young man should bang the hot topless woman, he’s a man, he’ll enjoy it no matter how he’s protesting now. The final book had an air of inevitability which took the edge off all the plot twists.

The Tamuli is the sequel to The Elenium.

The Tamuli Series

About David Eddings David Eddings published his first novel, High Hunt, inbefore turning to the field of fantasy with the Belgariad, soon followed by the Malloreon. He davie his success with two further popular series, The Malloreon and The Elenium.

Like ehlana said sparhawk would come in blazing sword and bhelliom one hand and ultmately lose everything.


Jun 15, Krystyna rated it it was amazing. Having seen the beginning of the threats in the Tamuli Empire, Sparhawk and his friends launch a campaign to purge the davjd of the offenders with the help of the feared Shining Ones.

Became repetitive and uninspired as it went along. Loved this and the Elenium, which I read first. Is that a hexology or sextology? Thieves of the Elenium.

I recently dug this series out again to re-read, and I forgot how much I enjoyed it. Much like its prequel trilogy, the Elenium, Eddings’ Tamuli is a light, entertaining read that immerses the reader in a detailed world that the characters fully explore over the course of three books.

However, Eddings writes the type of dialogue that appears in Dagid week after week. This spectacular trilogy is fantasy at its best.

Elenium and Tamuli series (David Eddings) | SFF Chronicles forums

You must log in or register to reply here. It had some good concepts nonetheless.

Talysia Lady of Autumn Feb 1, Paperbackpages. Elenium and Tamuli eddinga David Eddings. Was a good read at first, but I ended up putting the book down before finishing it, which is rare for me to do especially with Eddings.

The Tamuli by David Eddings | : Books

The books were fun, I was in highschool, and I could read a book of his in about a day, so it wasn’t much of an investment; it was like eating eddinggs candy or reading Clive Cussler. But then ddavid The Hidden City and Eddings worst flaw reared it’s ugly head once again – making his characters far too powerful. I love that scene. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. It appeared, at first, gritty and real, and the hero not a shining night, but one tough bastard. The two-star rating is because the series was not as good as the preceding Elenium, tge the simple reason that it was pretty much the same plot re-hatched with old and new characters.


However, I loved the new and indepth cultures that Eddings always creates. I’m glad I don’t have to lug this to work anymore! No objections about the pacing, though – plenty of stuff happens, and it happens regularly.

The Diamond Throne 2. Not a fan of The Belgariad or The Mallorean but this series, for me, was a step into a different style of writing for Eddings and I feel like it was a really good story. Views Read Edit View history.

The characters were more life-like, with more realistic motivations and it handled sorcery in a way I could appreciate not a Deus Ex Machina sort-of-way when it was convenient. Using “Elene magic” to kick the door down was inspired! But the scenes where the older, more experienced knights tell the young hot one to just give it up because she needs to be kept happy, regardless of his personal desires or ethics, are In contrast to the middle book, the third book is kind of a mess because everyone is scattered all over creation and we get viewpoints from just about every character we’ve ever met and at least one that has had maybe a couple dozen lines in the preceding five volumes.

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