Sheikh Ahmed Deedat held a firm belief in open and sincere In , he debated Jimmy Swaggart and even challenged the late Pope John. Free Islamic debate mp3 by sheikh ahmed deedat. Ahmad Deedat محاضرات ومناظرات الشيخ احمد ديدات رحمة الله عليه مترجم. This App brings you audio debate.

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But now, they rejected Deedat and united with other South African Muslim organisations in denouncing his attacks on other religions. He was bedridden for the final va years of his life, after suffering a stroke that left him paralysed and unable to speak. Messenger of Peace”, was delivered in to an audience of fifteen people at a Durban cinema named Avalon Cinema.

Deedat debated with televangelist Jimmy Swaggart in November The Disciples’ original writings declare that Jesus never got crucified.

Problems arose after the publication of From Hinduism to Islama critique of Hindu beliefs and practices. He wrote and lectured in English. In October and November Deedat toured Scandinavia, where he held three debates and several speeches. Deedat’s first internationally well-known debate took place in Augustwhen he debated well-known Christian preacher Josh Swaggadt in Durban, South Africa.

While I condemn deeedat attacks, I also condemn attacks against Christians by Muslims who come to Australia to sow the seed of religious hatred. Bible says this and Quran says that, so Bible is right and Quran is wrong.


Sheikh Deedat was a charismatic, self-taught Muslim scholar from South Africa, most famous for engaging Christian evangelists in public debate. Remembering the life of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat The fiery South African autodidact was a champion of interreligious debate. Deedat himself was one of the guides, hosting tourists and giving introductions to Islam and its relationship with Christianity. He was awarded the King Faisal International Prize in for his fifty years of missionary work.

Remembering the life of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat

By using this site, deeddat agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The debate was on the Quran and the Bible not about Masudi or any Christian scholar. There are times, of course, when questions surface about the importance of correct dogma, about the importance of labels to a God whom we believe sees beyond labels and looks at the hearts of people.

Deedat took a more active interest in religious debate after he came across the book Izhar ul-Haqq Truth Revealed[7] written by Rahmatullah Kairanawiwhile he was rummaging for reading material in his employer’s basement.

Deedat’s first lecture, deddat “Muhammad: Prophet Jesus peace be upon him in Islam. Rather his entire effort is directed at undermining and refuting Christian evangelism and arming Muslims against Christian attacks. If suppose there are two statements, which differ in the Quran and the Bible. Though doctors initially gave him little chance to live, Deedat continued to engage in religious work until his death – swaggary by using a grid of the alphabet, which he used to spell out words letter-by-letter by signalling with his eyes.


He learned to communicate through a series of eye-movements via a chart whereby he would form words and sentences by swaggzrt letters read to him. Shorrosh was using this dumb logic in a debate. In Xwaggart, the sale and distribution of Deedat’s writings were banned in for what was described as a violently anti-Western, anti-Semitic tone inciting racial hatred. She showed amazing fables from the Bible, showed contradictions etc.

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Remembering the life of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat | Islam | Al Jazeera

I do not know why he came to Australia or why he adopted such a confrontationist approach on Good Friday at a big public meeting at Sydney Town Bs when he disparaged the Christian faith.

This page was last edited on 29 Decemberat Does the Quran say that Hazrat Ali killed people with his hands? The fiery South African autodidact was a champion of interreligious debate. Deedat’s close relations with swggart family of Osama bin Laden also prompted media scrutiny.

The audience immediately thought that this guy was a joke and they all started laughing at him.