Los cálculos renales, también conocidos como nefrolitiasis o urolitiasis, son acreciones sólidas (cristales) de minerales disueltos en la orina que se encuentran. Check out my latest presentation built on , where anyone can create & share professional presentations, websites and photo albums in minutes. Definición de la enfermedad. La hiperoxaluria primaria tipo 1 familiar; también formas secundarias de hiperoxaluria y urolitiasis idiopática por oxalato cálcico.

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Urolitiasis en Felinos by sergio garcia on Prezi

Rousand A, Pedrajas A. YAG laser ureteroscopic nephrolithotripsy of large greater than 4 cm renal calculi.

In this period we have treated patients. El sistema urinario trabaja con los otros sistemas del cuerpo para ayudar a mantener la homeostasis. Eur Urol, ; Epidemiologic, diagnostic andetiopathogenic study.


Ureterorrenoscopia (URS) flexible: técnica y resultados

Management of Kidney stones. Arch Esp Urol, ; 51 3: Por otra parte, exponemos los resultados de una serie de casos.

Mide alrededor de 1,5 pulgadas 3,8 cm en una mujer, pero hasta 20 cm 8 pulgadas en un hombre. Endourological management of pediatric stone disease: Regarding complications, we had 5 patients with uro,itiasis lesions during protector sheath pass and 9 patients that presented at the emergency room with pain secondary to the double J catheter.

Treatment of staghorn calculi by fiberoptic transurethral nephrolithotripsy.

Smith RD y Patel A. J Endourol ; YAG Laser with and micras fibers Results: Flexible Ureteroscopy is the ideal choice urollitiasis manage a 1. The most frequent presentation The lithotripter system used in all cases was Ho: A characteristic appearance of distal ureteral calculi.

Influence of pyelocaliceal anatomy on the success of flexible ureteroscopic approach. Jarpyo Editores, Madrid, Int J Epidemiol ; Urol Clin North Am ; 1: En el estudio de Alapont y cols. Whaley L, Wong D. Fiber optics in urology.

  ASTM C1060 PDF

Curr Opin Urol ; Second, we present the results of a series of cases. Actas Urolitiiasis Esp, ; 31 5: It starts in the back lumbar regionbelow the ribs, radiating towards the groin and external genitals testicles in man or major lips in woman on the same side. Flexible ureteroscopy and laser lithotripsy for multiple unilateral intrarenal stones.

Acta Radiol ; New York, Raven Press, ; pp Comparison of assessment scales. Occupations associated urolutiasis a sedentary life style or with a hot, dry workplace show a higher incidence of lithiasis.