Common name: Honey Suckle Mistletoe, Neem mistletoe • Hindi: बंदा Banda, बंदा पाठा Banda Patha • Marathi: वंदा Vanda, बंदगुल Bandgul • Tamil. M Dendrophthoe falcata (L.f.) Ettingsh. is an accepted name. This name is the accepted name of a species in the genus Dendrophthoe (family Loranthaceae). Distribution. “Found in foothill scrub jungles and deciduous forests from plains to m. Common. India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indo-China and Australia.”.

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Near Nagpur I have observed red coloured flowers but in and around Pune the colour is greenish white in all specimens observed by me. The whole plant is used in indigenous system of medicine as cooling, bitter, astringentaphrodisiacnarcotic and diuretic Alekutty e al.

Oriental Pharmacy and Experimental Medicine, 6: Looks similar to Dendrophthoe curvata but the colour. Quantitative determination falcat total phenolic and flavonoid content. Epiparasitism in Phoradendron durangense and P.

Dendrophthoe falcata – efloraofindia

Dendrophthoe falcata – Red Parasite with fruits. Technology partner Strand Life Sciences.

We were looking at the pollination ecology and the interaction of Dendrophthoe rendrophthoe with their host trees that grows in the canopy of KMTR, Tamil Nadu. Corolla tube pink, 2. Type the above text in box below. One of this species is L. Studies conducted at the higher altitudes of the Western Ghats where both the mistletoes and the flowerpeckers occur predominantlywhich parallel the western coast of India infer that the flowerpecker pollinated mistletoes have particularly developed feature specialized to attract a unique vector both to facilitate pollination and seed dispersal: We wanted to check whether they do any harm to the host tree since they are host specific in that habitat and co-exist or not.


A college text book, “Plant Groups”, informs dendrophhhoe of the family Loranthaceae are hemi-parasites. National Centre for Biological Sciences NCBS holds copyright for all the original material and data compilations on the Butterflies of India and other Biodiversity Atlas – India websites, except that photographers hold copyright for images, as cited. Flora of China Vol. May also be referred to include anatomy. Total flavonoid content was obtained by using dendophthoe as standard reference at various concentrations.

Dendrophthoe falcata (L.f.) Ettingsh. — The Plant List

Besides, a more recent work by Pattanayak et al. Related observations Show all. Being backed by easy seed dispersal mediated by frugivorous birds, they continue to pose serious losses to economically valuable fruit trees, flowering plants and those with medicinal properties whether growing in forests, orchards or gardens Sridhar and Rao, Each fraction was evaporated to denvrophthoe under vacuum resulting in a fraction of n -hexane 12 gchloroform fraction For very extensive further synonymy, not relevant to the area dealt with here, see Barlow, Aust.

A total of species belo Angiosperm diversity in Doaba region of Punjab, India Desc: Phenolic compounds generally exhibit antioxidant dendrophtuoe, therefore the antioxidant activity of chloroform and ethyl acetate fractions with IC 50 shows very active, although relatively less active than ascorbic acid positive control.

This method was adopted with slight modifications of Bisnu. Calyx urceolate, mm long; limb truncate or shortly toothed, c. Natural History Natural History Cyclicity. Scopus Journal Metrics CiteScore Bhadreshwar, Hooghly, West Bengal: Chloroform fraction of D. This study used stem bark of D. In Pune I have seen flowers and fruits same as shown here. Fruit urceolate, widest near the base, mm long.


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I thank all of you for the constant support that encourages me a lot for such productive works. This is the “real” Dendrophthoe falcataparastic on Annona squamosa.

Is dendropbthoe Dendrophthoe curvata? This is a record that purple-sunbird visits this plant for nectar.

The total phenolic content was calculated according to the standard curve specified for the gallic acid as a reference. Seasonal migration and reproduction are usually treated separately. Dendrophthoe falcata – indiantreepix Google Groups. I have no idea about its actual use, though:. Thanks for your reply.

The plant is widely distributed in tropical and sub-tropical regions. Parasites can be found in tropical and sub-tropical regions, but with different species diversity. The extracts were then concentrated using a vacuum rotatory evaporator and yielded brown residue for about 72g. Best supported on Google Chrome, Firefox 3. Hence, it is not accepted so far. This study shows that flcata of D.

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