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I think nothing’s nobler than sacrificing your own happiness for the benefit of the ones you love, and I consider every act of true love, legitimate. That the aggression just because, hurts a lot That it is not forbidden to love That being hurt is not to bleed to death View my complete profile. That in order to give, we have to receive before That shape is not lost when we open up That opening ourselves up is not to love indiscriminately That one has to look for and give it to oneself That refusing words is to open distances That help is to encourage and support That the children’s asking why, has its reason why That to look for a balance doesn’t mean to be warm That self-determination is not doing things alone That we listen with our ears That life without certain rules loses shape That giving oneself as a present definitively is not to love oneself… That to be loved we must show what we are That wanting to know about someone, is not just curiousity That not the stronger the stroke, the more you draw That one can be a living death That we feel with the body and the mind That nobody is honest because they do not steal That nobody lays down rules, apart from life Posted by Nani at 6: That so that someone can be, they have to be helped That to feel life one must not forget that there is death That hatred and love are affections How to let you know that there is always time?


That doors should not close That sex is part of the beauty of life That the wounds close That to be given, we also have to know how to ask That nobody wants to be alone That being thankful never hurts That defining oneself is not rowing against the tide That adulation is not support That meeting is very beautiful That knowing everything about everybody is unhealthy curiosity That it is hard to be sensitive and not be hurt That so as not to be alone we only have to give That we can also hate That affections define us That the biggest door is affection That when there is no pleasure in things you’re not living That things face to face are honest That fawning is as pernicious as to turn the face About Me Nani I’m in love with people for I think each and every one of us holds a universe within, along with a thousand miracles.


That life comes from sex