View and Download DIGITECH GNX3 user manual online. GENETX GUITAR WORKSTATION. GNX3 Music Pedal pdf manual download. Digitech GNX3 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Digitech GNX3 User Manual. GNX3 Manual Master – Read more about parameter, track, recording, recorder, knob and display.

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This allows automaticvolume swells to occur on a note by note basis. This is useful if you want to This parameter is only available when Pluck is the selected type of Manuaal Gate.

Playing Back A Recorded Track Both the guitar and mic are recorded on the same track s armed forrecording. This will erase the last recorded track and let you proceed with tryinganother take without having to stop.

GNX3 Manual original digitech gnx3说明书_音乐攻略_音乐知识_音乐信息_百度攻略

Midi Cc List Select one of the following settings: When the Drum button is enabled, the LED lights and the drum loop begins playing. Mic Input and Output: Apply extra pressure to the toeof the Expression Pedal to engage the V-Switch,and the Expression Pedal switches between the assignedparameter and the Wah. The Tuner in the GNX3 lets you quickly tune or check the tuning on your guitar. Set the MIDI recording device to record. When the procedure is complete,the TIME display reads 0.


Tutorial Tune the Cabinets As an option, you may also want to adjust the resonance for the American 2×12 and the British 4×12 Cabinets. Ranges from 0 all dry to 99 all wet. The Gnx3’s Modes To resume playback,press Footswitch 5.

See the Expression Parameter Assignment list on page 63 for a complete list of assignable Parameters. Zone- Based on a Boss Metal Zone. Using Quantize For Seamless Loops 4.

The Expression Pedal controls effect parameters in real time.

To undo the track while playback is in progress, follow these steps: From the factory,theUser Presets are exact duplicates of the Factory Presets. Seepage 61 for more information on assigning the Expression Pedal.


When finished,press the STOPbutton. To begin adding overdubbed layers to your first loop is easy. The result is a doubling type of effect as if two guitarswere playing the same part together. Press Footswitch 3 to step back through the loop at 1 second intervals. Youcan select from a variety of patterns,change the tempo,and adjust the playback level.

In Learn-A-Lick mode,the alpha-numeric display shows theselected function and the numeric display provides an elapsed time for record and playback. The procedure for naming the User Banks is as follows: When recording is complete,press the STOPfootswitch.

Delay Level- The Parameter 5 knob adjusts the volume dly levl of the Delay signal.

Flanger Effects and Parameters A Chorus adds a short delay to your signal. You can listen to what you just recorded,and the TRACK 2 button isflashing red indicating it is now armed and ready to begin recording on.


Warning For your protection, please read the following: To use the Jam-A-Longfeature,do the following: The procedure for adjusting the AmpParameters is as follows: Until the PLAY footswitch is pressed,only track 1 will be available to record on. Use the Parameter 5 knob far right to select the Red Cabinet type. Parameter 1- The Parameter 2 knob adjusts the rate Speed at which the signal pans from side to. Treble Level- The Parameter 5 maanual adjusts the amount of high end enhancement.

Rather than using a trackto record drums on,the recorder starts the Drum machine and it plays for the length of the song. For instance,a Ratio of 4 to 1 means that a signal exceeding the Threshold by 4 dB will only beallowed 1 dB of increased output. Most GNX3 parameters can be.

GNX3 Manual original digitech gnx3说明书

Page 24 Introduction 7. All of thispower lets you create a sound that is your own. Once you have recorded several tracks,you may want to combine them onto a single track or pair oftracks to free up recording memory. Turn The Stompbox Modeling Off